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This is also posted in 'i'm Pregnant' if you would prefer to reply there. Thanks

When I was pregnant with my 2nd son my father died. I am almost finished this third pregnancy and my grandmother is not looking good (congestive heart falilure). My family is small (there is just not that many people avalible to die!) so this seems suspciously coincidental.

I am not any 'official' faith (but I am a Unitarian Universalist) so I have loose reincarnation thoughts at times. Could there be some influence? Could it be just an attempt to comfort myself? What do you think?

If any of you have a death in your family while pregnant, how has it affected you? Any grief inductions
or less drastic effects?
Just curious.

Of note is- I was not close to my father at all, he lived very far away, took his own life out of pain (a couple severe ailments) and I was only 6m pregnant at the time. I am VERY close to Grandma, she lives very close, I am 37weeks pregnant but she has been sick for a while so if she does die it would not too susprising. My mother/aunts think she has little time left.

Thanks for your input. I just want a variety of thoughts! I think I'll cross post in spirtuality!