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Moving to Seattle! Need help :)

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Hi there! I am a serial lurker on Mothering but don't post too often I have four small children (oldest is 5, youngest is 7 months) and we are moving from Pennsylvania to Seattle in the next few months! We used to live in Portland so we are definitely Pacific North-westerners at heart, but we just don't know the in's and out's of Seattle!!! I have a friend who has been helping me out with some advice, and my hubby has an aunt there, but I'm looking for as much input as I possibly can get so we make a good choice!!

OK, first of all, my hubby will be working in Tukwilla/Renton area, and he does NOT want a long commute. He was there last week and spent some time in the West Seattle area, specifially some parts of Des Moines and Burien. Now, the parts he went to were great, but we've been told there are parts to avoid, school districts to avoid...and we don't know where or which ones!

Anyone have experience with the highline school district? Have any recommendations for preschools in the area?? How about activities...things to do with numerous small children at once

Our budget is between 500 - 700K; hubby loves mountain and/or water view, NEWER house would be ideal.....which is what drew us to some listings in Burien and Des Moines, but again, on paper is much different than in person!

In a perfect world I'd also like a house that is in walkable distance to a playground, coffee shop, post office, and a target, and also completely self-cleaning

OK! I'm sure there is more, but it's midnight and I am typing one handed with a baby sleeping on me. Sorry if that was all over the place.....we're flying blind here! Any help would be so appreciated
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I can't offer much help but I'm a new transplant from PA , but grew up loving the PNW since I have family in Oregon. We love it here!

Enjoy your trip out!
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Oh that is awesome! Where in PA were you? WE are north of philly in Doylestown. What do you think of Seattle compared to PA? Thanks for replying
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We used to live in an apartment in Burien- just a few blocks from "downtown". I liked it- it's really small-town feeling, and there was lots of stuff within walking distance (if you're near the downtown area.) Also great because you're so close to the Puget Sound! (Pretty decent beach in Burien.) Now we live in a house in Skyway, where we are closer to Lake Washington (and almost have a view .)

With that price range, you should be able to find something pretty nice in those areas. Burien would be the cheapest, followed by Des Moines... and West Seattle is going to get you into a whole 'nother (high) price range.
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Originally Posted by keeganjacksmom View Post
Oh that is awesome! Where in PA were you? WE are north of philly in Doylestown. What do you think of Seattle compared to PA? Thanks for replying
We LOVE Seattle and the NW compared to PA. Yes, the country hills are beautiful, but you can't beat the mountains, trees and water, not to mention the great city of Seattle. I grew up in Pittsburgh and always lived there until we moved here last fall. You'll love it! I don't miss the snow or winters one bit .
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