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DP and I will shower with DD. I don't see it as odd or strange at all. I remember showering with my mom when I was younger, because I was kinda scared of the shower.

I wish we had bigger tubs, just so we could all three take a shower!
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DP and I take turns bathing with DS. DS actually prefers it because he has one of us to play boats with and we take turns pouring water out of cups. We're expecting a DD in August and we'll both bathe with her too, and let the kids bathe together. I think it's totally fine as long as both parties are comfortable with it.
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I was thinking of bathing with my girls just the other day. In my thoughts were, at what point/age do I stop showering with the girls? My girls are 2, 5.5 and nearly 8. We shower together often. It is, as you said, out of convienience mostly. I love to shower alone, but it is much quicker if I jump in with them and help shampoo hair and such, not to mention I know everyone is clean and not just 'rinsed off'.

In my thoughts, I was thinking that I do not ever want my girls to think that their bodies should be hidden, that they are not beautiful in that way. I was reminded that I still change my clothes in front of my own mother and she the same. I am not uncomfortable to change (to nude) in front of my girl friends! I want my girls to feel this way when they are women!!!

As far as gender showers, JB does not shower with the girls. He will let the baby in, but not the older girls. He does help out with bathing if they are in the tub.

We are a nude kinda family. The younger girls do not have a problem with being nude in front of daddy. I *do* ask them to cover their bottoms up if walking in the same room as their brother, he is 15. Partner and I sleep nude and often find that over night we have acquired bed buddies. It is not a big deal in our house.
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I don't see a problem with it at all. My DH bathes with my kids 4 and 2 and nobody seems to mind. My oldest DS has started wanting to take showers instead of baths. I can't take baths with the kids because I'm too big and the tub is too small. However I am wondering if it is soon time to stop because last time we bathed them together, my DS said "ewwww i don't want to see her nakeds"
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Whoa. You mother actually implies to your face that she thinks your DH is molesting your daughter?? Or is she worried about some other scenario, like a man exposing himself to your DD and her going "It must be OK because I see Daddy naked"? Or...?

DH was a bit paranoid about being naked around DD when she was born, but she's two now and he's totally over it. He doesn't bath with her (I do, though), but she hands him his towel when he gets out of the shower, and she says "Naked!" in great delight whenever one of us is clothesless.
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Thanks everyone!

I really appreciate everyone here taking the time to share your POV. I feel vindicated and now I have some respectable community support for a response to my mother! You guys are awesome!
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I would stop telling your mother about it and continue doing what works for YOUR family. It really is none of her business. There is no need to justify or even carry the conversation with her further.

We have no issues with nudity in our family. I walk around nude every morning between shower and getting clothes, it causes no alarm to my children. It also shows them about a changing pregnant body. We still shower with the girls, though dh does it rarely now simply because of his schedule. But he does give them their baths almost nightly. I remember showering with my older sisters until i was 9, which put them at 17 and 15. It was not anything weird and actually taught me to be ok about the woman's body.
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If no one involved has a problem with it, then it's not a problem.
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op when ex and i separated when dd was 18 months old i asked him to be naked around dd for as long as either of them was comfortable about it. dd is 7 1/2. we still sometimes shower together. she sometimes sees her dad naked. when she was younger she has asked him questions and looked at them in detail.

result she has never ever been curious about others nudity. she has never taken off her underwear or asked anyone meaning kids to show her anything. she is completely comfortable in her skin. never once has she done anything - ANYTHING even a wee bit 'inappropriate for mainstream acceptance of nudity'.

its i think coz her curiosity has been fulfilled.
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I've bathed with my DD since the beginning. Actually, I'd prefer not to since I like my bath water extremely hot and it's one of my "quiet times", but DD is 2 and loves it and it does save time. DH is very modest and doesn't bathe with her (or me for that matter!), but he does supervise her baths and help her dress, etc. We're also potty training and she doesn't quite get the whole privacy thing yet so she often walks in on him using the rest room and sit down on her potty (she seems to think it should be a family affair )

Your mom is being strange - is she really serious about this? So she thinks your husband is completely fine and normal until bath time? That's just really odd.
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Originally Posted by treegardner View Post
As long as everyone involved is comfortable with it I don't see the problem with it.
Yup, I agree with this 100%. And everyone's comfort level is different, so you do what works for your family. But yeah, your experience is not unusual though, plenty of families I know would still be comfortable bathing/showering with children that age, though some wouldn't be and that is fine too. Folks just need to realize that different people have different comfort levels.
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