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Check out this comprehensive thread in Traditional Foods!

Superfoods? Additional stuff for TTC? My Plan.

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Smoked oysters-1 can has 75mg zinc, selenium, B12, iron, and omega 3s

Papaya-Vitamin C (188mg/cup!), folate, potassium, fiber, papain is a natural digestive aid.
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This thread is awesome! Thank you!
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A few questions:

You listed celtic sea salt. In my cupboard right now I have Real Salt brand pink salt because it is much cheaper. Is that ok or is the celtic really better?

I have been taking lugol's iodine solution because of the arsenic concerns with kelp. Should I take kelp instead or is lugols's ok?

Last, Do I really need to take CLO and eat liver? I'm think of just taking the CLO but would I be missing something?

Thank you so much! This tread is really helpful and comes at the perfect time.
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Subbing. Great thread!
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Oh I love this thread!


My list is:

green smoothies - always with spinach or kale and a banana (a banana a day can keep blood pressure in check), hemp oil, frozen blueberries or nectarines, ground flax seed and a pinch of pro-biotic powder

kimchi  or saukraut (fermented saurkraut)

animal based broth (usually beef)

beans or lentils cooked with kombu

Himalayan sea salt in water - so very good for you!


local eggs from pasture raised chickens in the spring/summer/fall - barn raised in the winter because its too cold here


I also take a prenatal vitamin, B complex, D, flax seed oil and co enzyme Q10 daily as well as EmergenC a couple times a week and as many Epsom salt baths as I can get in!


My avoid list:

red raspberry leaf as im a high risk pregnancy and there are mixer studies on it - some say its amazing and others say it can cause miscarriages.

cooked or raw tuna - I eat sushi all time, pregnant or not (doctor said it was a-ok) but I try to avoid tuna because its so high in mercury



WuWei, how do you make kefir? can you make it with goat milk? ive been thinking about ordering some kefir with our next organic delivery...

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There is water kefir which is dairy-free and dairy kefir.




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When it comes to your recommendation of a green smoothie daily, curious about those with thyroid issues.  Ive read so much about goitrogens in the greens that can suppress thyroid function, which is especially bad for those with hypothyroid to begin with.  I know that the potency of the goitrogens is reduced when cooking, but all of these greens are raw in smoothies.  Would love your thoughts! Thanks,



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This is what I was looking for. Thanks! Do you find animal products to be pertinent? Do you take any multivitamins or supplements? If I needed to add just 1 animal product, what do you find most important?
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great post!


I try to make sure I have the following daily:


1 cup almond milk




juiced up:

1 c spinach
3 carrots

1 orange

1 apple



fish oil capsules

pre-natal vitamin


and I try to drink a nursing moms tea when I can



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Foods are "goitrogenic" in the absence of adequate iodine intake. I prefer to focus on adding iodine rich foods and avoiding xenoestrogens.

More about "goitrogens" from World's Healthiest Foods:

Thus including sea vegetables is a nutrient-dense food. Sea veggies have (varying amounts of) iodine (and many other minerals and vitamins!). http://whfoods.org/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=135

Ideally, 'heavy metal tested' sea veggies. Avoid hijiki as a sea vegetable unless available in the form of certified organic hijiki, due to arsenic concerns.

More iodine-rich foods: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=69

I have purchased kelp from Vitacost.com and Mountain Rose Herbs. I expect iHerb has kelp also. I've also purchased some locally from Earthfare, but it is MUCH more expensive than ordering online.


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I am not keen on taking vitamins and supplements (except cod liver oil, occasionally).  I drink nettle infusions for nutrients.  The most important thing is food sources of folate: beans, greens, liver and legumes. I don't supplement synthetic folic acid.  REAL folate is much better than folic acid

I believe liver is a very nutrient dense food. Bone broth, butter, cold-water fatty fish also important for healthy fats and nutrients.



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Thank you everyone! What an awesome thread. I am just started to think about diet and nutrients for this baby. To be honest, I grew up in a "normal" American house with spaghetti and frozen spinach. Now I am so eager to learn how to "nourish" myself (and my growing babes, one out, one in) in the best way possible.



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Green smoothies are great during pregnancy :) I have recipes on my blog http://homemomsandhealth.blogspot.com/ as well as healthy living ideas you guys can take a look at. Its just started so I'm updating it regularly. Here is a green smoothie I just updated. It tastes so good and my kids love it too :) Hope you enjoy 


1/2 Cup Frozen Raspberries
1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries 
4 Frozen Strawberries
1/2 Cup Baby Carrots
1/3 Cup of Spinach
1/3 Cup parsley
1/10 of a Cucumber
1/2 Apple
1/2 cup water
Agave nectar to taste 
Optional:  Acidophilus, Flax seed oil, Aloe juice
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I agree with WuWei, and don't like taking vitamins and supplements (and especially not medications). I like to nourish myself and my family from food itself. But when it comes to iodine, I do take it in supplement form for one reason- iodine doesn't naturally occur on our side of the globe, therefor is not present in the food we eat. To make things worse, the commercial-available food that has "added iodine" is also full of GMOs and other synthetics. I only buy organic and follow a strict diet, so I am careful and picky when it comes to what supplements I purchase. For iodine supplementation I have found that a nascent iodine called Detoxadine, made by a company in Houston, TX, follows strict measures when formulating their products. It's the only supplement I buy from them, but I am sure they all work as well as Detoxadine for its purpose.

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