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Originally Posted by Latte Mama View Post
I'd say give her space. I may be alone in this thinking but hormones don't give anyone the right to behave that way. Yea I have them too and I know I've been witchy at home but to scream at a neighbor for seemingly nothing?

Leave her be, do what you want with YOUR property. I'd certainly congratulate them if you happen to run into them outside but I wouldn't even discuss the yard issue.
I totally wouldn't spend $ you don't have right now to make a raving lunatic happy. No way, no how.
If you feel bad not acknowledging the baby send over a card. If you're feeling really nice maybe some cookies, but only ones you were going to bake for yourself anyway.
Frankly, hormones or not, she had no right to scream at you like that. I don't think hormones or bad days make behavior like that OK- but if it does happen it doesn't mean you can just sweep it under the rug. She should totally apologize.

If someone screamed at me like that I would be tempted to NEVER mulch with anything but leaves.
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Sounds like a one time thing that I'd let go. I made a terrible spectacle of myself when 8 months pregnant & moving in front of a crew of moving men. I'm sure they all think I am absolute crazy woman but it was just the culmination of a lot of stress & hormones that turned me that way temporarily.

Now, if she did it again I'd stay far, far away.
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Related only to the leaves and not the volatile neighbour, you need to make some lovely leaf mold to mulch your flower beds.

Start this Autumn, I've gotten great batches in a year storing the (wet) leaves in black trash bags somewhere discrete in the garden.

One year seagulls pecked holes in the bags and all the acorns I managed to include in the leaf piles sprouted out and I ended up with 50 baby oak trees but that's not the point!
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I use leaves,straw,and even shredded paper mixed in.I love being able to do whatever I want on land I pay for.

Sounds like your neighbor had issues with you before she blew her top.You did nothing wrong.You were so kind to even offer to move the rocks.If it were me I would be putting a fence right inside the property line.Maybe even put in a front yard garden,lol.

Seriously I would just ignore them.The ball is in her court so to speak,and she needs to apologize for her actions.In the least her dh should have said sorry.

We had a falling out with a neighbor.It is not to hard to ignore them while outside.Yours however sounds like she could burn holes in you with a stare!
Put in some tall ornamental grasses,and in a year you won't see them.
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I'd stay as far away as possible. If you see them, congratulate them on the baby, and that's it. Definitely no gift. I'd just be polite and do whatever I wanted with my own yard.
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With the town house thing added in the rant, I think it was definitely just all her emotional baggage that got too big for the suitcase that was her head and came flying out of her mouth! It doesn't make it okay for anyone to treat you that way, but as others have mentioned, I know I've had my crazy pregnant lady moments.

I would extend her the grace that I would want if I had lost my head. I would be touched to the core if my neighbor came bustling over to wish me a happy birth day after I'd embarassed myself and her in front of everyone, and would feel so grateful. Be the bigger person! And yeah, if she puts on her crazy pants again, then you know she's just nuts, and from then on I would avoid like crazy.
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Originally Posted by Flower of Bliss View Post
So, do I go over with a small gift or food and congratulate them and not mention the yard stuff? Do I leave them alone? Do I spend the money on the yard that I don’t want to spend yet? I don’t want things to be hostile between us. I don’t want to stress them out during such an important time with their new baby. I’m at a loss.
Send them a gift with a nice note but do not mention the yard. Do not spend any money that you do not want to spend on your yard. I have had some really emotionally unstable and/or mean neighbors. I wish I just had a hormonal one with a new baby. Give her time but in the meantime, do not worry about it. Good luck!
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Personally, I would do whatever I had already planned on doing...gift or food or whatever.

I'd chalk it up to hormones...being on the verge of having a baby, nesting like crazy, and then seeing things changed by your house that you didn't expect (even if it looks really really nice) would make me flip. You don't really know the story behind it all, and assuming anything isn't fair to either of you. Good news is that a few weeks with a newborn and she'll find herself closer to walking in your shoes

Also, with leaves. My mom uses leaf mulch, but we do break it down because to most people it just looks unkempt. In addition, having that much space between whole leaves doesn't really retain moisture and it doesn't break down very well to fertilize. We pull it all out, run it over with the mulcher, and put it back. In my yard, we put it all in the compost in the back and pull it out next year. Black gold
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