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Homebirth midwives in Central Arkansas?

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We are currently TTC and I am without a doubt doing a homebirth this time around. I have had 2 average hospital vaginal deliveries, full of interventions despite what I wanted. This time, I will not waver! lol, I will have my home birth.

I've google midwives and come up with birthworks, Deb Phillips, and a few others. I was just hoping to hear first hand accounts of the local options though. I've checked with my insurance and I'm pretty sure they will reimburse half the cost for out of network midwives, which all the once around here are out of network. I have qualchoice. Even if the insurance doesn't work out, I'll still pay for it myself.

So, experiences? Recommendations? Thank you in advance for your time!
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Birthworks and Deb Phillips are also the only ones I know of in the area. The Midwife I used for my homebirth isn't accepting new patients right now bc she's in nursing school.

So I haven't actually used anyone from Birthworks for a homebirth, although Mary did come as a backup when I had my first baby and my regular midwife had to leave to go to another birth (I ended up transferring to the hospital). I wasn't crazy about her, but she also wasn't my real midwife-- I just didn't feel very connected with her while I was in the middle of labor and just meeting her the first time, so I'm probably not the best judge. I have a friend who had her as a doula, and she LOVED her, so I would still recommend her.

For Deb Phillips, I haven't met her at all, but I have a friend who is apprenticing under her, and she says she is AWESOME. Very practical, yet not OVERLY medical. Has lots of experience, and just has a good atmosphere around her overall. I would consider using her myself, if my other midwife is still in the middle of school next time I'm preggo.

HTH! If you have more ?s about Deb, feel free to ask and I can try to find out from my friend.
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I'm pretty sure there are several midwives that operate out of birthworks. And I'm also pretty sure that there are several women here who have used them (but not me, I'm way up in the north part of the state). You should get some reviews soon!
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Liberal Chick, You're right, there are several midwives in birthworks, I just don't personally know who the other ones are. Hope my post wasn't misleading.
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I've heard great things about Mary Alexander, but I don't know her personally. I have a friend that I'll direct to this thread as I'm pretty sure she used a MW from birthworks.
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I can vouch for Birth Works in Little Rock. Kim Jacob was my doula with my first natural birth (hospital) and my midwife at my next birth (homebirth). Mary Alexander was the backup midwife at my homebirth, however it went so fast she didn't arrive until after my son was born! I was also a student doula with BW for a short time, until I had to pull out due to personal reasons.

Overall BW is a wonderful group of women whom I can only say positive things about. Kim Jacob is, of course, my favorite and I will push her first, but really you can't go wrong with any of the women. Give Mary a call and ask to interview the midwives to find your own fit. My own homebirth was perfect and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about it. I am exceptionally happy with my experience!
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I realize this is an old post, I don't frequent this forum very much. Gabrielle Thrailkill in Dequeen was my HB MW. She was great. There is also one in Hot Springs whose name I can't remember...
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Kim Jacob is a fabulous midwife.
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I had Barbara Mueller from Hot Springs. She delivered my baby boy almost 5 years ago. Before that, I had 2 hospital deliveries also with interventions and not the way I wanted things. My third child got to be born in water. It was the best experience ever, and I wish I would have done it first 2 times.
Barbara was great! I highly recommend her.
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I have used Mary Alexander from Birth Works twice now. I love Kim also, as she assisted at both of the births.

Cora from Birthworks did our placenta encapsulation for us.
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Wow, I'm happy to see a few Central Arkansas momma's on here! (I stopped frequenting MDC when I moved here cause there haven't been many local posts)


Anyway, here is the list of licensed lay midwives in AR http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/programsServices/familyHealth/WomensHealth/Documents/LicensedLayMidwives.pdf

(except Kim Ray is supposedly no longer taking clients)

There is also Carrie Cobb who I have heard about but is taking limited clients is my understanding and she works with Joni Yarnell, CNM.


I am currently interviewing and am thankful to find that there are at least a few skilled midwives in Central AR... just gotta find the best fit for you winky.gif



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Larkish - are you interviewing as in looking for a midwife? sorry, was confused.


anyway, Deb Phillips has been my midwife for both DD and DS and I would highly recommend her. We plan on TTC sometime this year and I'll be giving her another call. DD can't wait to start going to see Deb again...she loves to visit.


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sorry, didn't see this sooner...


Yeah, I was interviewing midwives to hire for baby #3 expected in July :)


I just went to the midwifery conference at Debs a few weeks ago cause I'm such a natural birth junkie! PM me if you ever want to do a playdate :) I'm currently in Searcy but looking at moving closer to LR soon.

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larkish, so are you using Deb?? Or did you decide to use someone else?

I'm currently seeing her (I was due 3 days ago with my 3rd, actually LOL!). I've really enjoyed seeing her. She's the 4th midwife (5th if you count Joni Yarnell who does my risk assessments) I've seen personally, and I think I like her the best overall. We'll see how the delivery goes soon! It's also been really neat using her as my MW, because my good friend is interning with her (Rebecca-she was at the conference, too).

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Nope, I didn't choose Deb. She just didn't seem like the best fit for me. But many of my friends have used her and really liked her :) If you want who I went with you can PM me.


I've met Rebecca twice and she seems really nice. Are you in Hot Springs then?


My second was born with a midwife (in MI) whose apprentice was one of my friends and co-LLL Leader and it was really nice! She acted as my doula and was really great support. That will be nice for you!

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Hi, y'all! I haven't been to these forums in a while, but this thread came up in a google search, and I had to say 'hi' to my fellow homebirthing AR mamas. :-)
I've used Deb twice, and I love her. I also love NaDean Ribitzki from Conway, who was my backup midwife. Rebecca was also at my most recent birth. Great ladies, all of them!
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After reading this thread, I just had to add that I have used Carrie Cobb for 3 births, and she is AWESOME!!! In will use her again if I have more kids. By the way, she IS practicing now. She is also a christian, which was important to me.

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Glad to hear Carrie is back! I hate to bring up money but can anyone who used her tell me if she costs less than Birthworks? I hear they run around 2600 these days...and we are a one income family...2600 is a LOT of dough for us. Also, exactly how does Joni fit into the homebirth picture "working with" Carrie if Joni isn't doing homebirths in Arkansas (or that's what I've been told anyways...). Can she do labs??? (iron, glucose, etc?)

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I think most of the midwife rates are comparable in the area but you'll need to contact Carrie to confirm. Carrie usually brings a nurse as her backup/helper to births and her backup midwife is Kim Jacob.


In the state of AR you have to do 2 "risk assessments" during your pregnancy. One early that includes bloodwork (the usual maternity panel) and also one at 36weeks. Joni has been doing the risk assessments for awhile. However, she said she will no longer be taking new patients (she's trying to cut back). So if she sticks to that and you haven't seen her then your options are to go to the state health clinics or use a Dr (either find one through your midwife or don't tell them you're doing homebirth).



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Carrie's fees are comparable to Birth Works. I would highly recommend her - she is a nurse and a christian. Also, yes, she can do some lab work. She does the glucose tolerance test and blood counts routinely, and other lab as needed. Her number is 501-517-0547. She can give you all the information you need.

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