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My long post about yesterday....

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Okay, b/c I'm lazy and just not in the mood to type right now, I am totally copying my posts from yesterday, from my other DDC board on babyzone. LOL Call me whatever, but I am in pain.

So I went to go walk our dog, Sophie (lab/ border collie/ greyhound mix) and we were coming back inside and she all of a sudden took off and pulled me, which I tripped and fell to the ground. I hit my knees and then landed straight onto my belly. I screamed (surprisingly, no one came out to see why someone was screaming) and sat there for a minute. I called her and she did come back to me. I managed to get up and get back inside to out apartment. My toe was bleeding and I can barely walk. And the worst part is....I have no phone right now, so I can't call DF to let him know what happened. So I got my foot all washed off and emailed him telling him that he needed to come home ASAP, b/c I fell and I don't know if I'm okay. Then I got on facebook to try and get a hold of anybody to call him for me. Ugh, I really hate being w/o a phone and the one day he doesn't leave me his phone, something goes wrong. I think I'm okay, but I may have either a sprained or broken toe, b/c it REALLY hurts and I can barely move it. I think Merrick's okay, b/c he's been moving non-stop since I laid down and I haven't had any contractions. I think we may still go to the hossy just to get checked out and to possibly get some pain meds for my foot. I can barely walk and whenever I put it down, it REALLY hurts. I finally got a hold of a friend who non-stop called DF until he picked up and he's on his way home. I want to kill my dog right now though.

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Just thought I would put up an update on what's going on. We are sitting at the hospital right now. They have ruled that Merrick is doing great. But it looks like I broke my left big toe. They did an x-ray and now I am just waiting to see the doctor. I hate waiting. I'm also in a lot of pain and the only thing they have given me for it is extra strength tylenol. I will update later.

Okay, we got back home around 1am this morning after being monitored for four hours up in L&D. I had a couple of painful cxt, but nothing that was doing anything. The OB checked my cervix and it's still high and closed. But it looks like I'm about to start my cxt thing that I hate (started at 34 weeks with both girls). My nurse (as well as a friend of ours who is an L&D nurse) said it sounded like I have irritable uterus, due to the fact that this is my fourth pregnancy. Oh yay, so I can look forward to painful cxt until I deliver. Yuck.

Besides that, I fractured my toe, which hurts A LOT. But the ER doctor didn't want to prescribe me any pain pills, b/c he was concerned that I would either A: stay in bed all day and not get up and move or B: I would try to get up and since I hurt my foot from a fall, the pain meds mixed with a boot and being pregnant, he was worried that I might fall again and didn't want that. But since I was in so much pain at the hospital, he did give me a vicodin, which wore off before we left L&D and I couldn't get anymore. Boo. So I came home and took some Tylenol PM and tried to sleep. I just wish that I could've gotten even enough pain pills for two days just to get over the initial pain that I am in. I feel like I was in a car wreck, my foot hurts and my arms are very sore from being yanked by the dog and falling hard on them with my weight. But thank god my DF is being such a sweet heart today and is trying to help me in any way possible. And I think he's so worried that I am going to fall again, that he is going to be taking me everywhere with him for the next few days.

Oh, and I have to wear this "shoe" for 6-8 weeks, so by the time I get out of it, it will be almost time for Merrick to be born. I will be glad to get into my own shoes. LOL I know, silly, but I love shoes. LOL
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I broke my foot when I was 35 weeks with #7. I don't have as good as excuse as you. I just stepped out my back door, my foot folded under me and I snapped my 5th metatarsal in half (the long bone on the outside of your foot).
I am so sorry you are having a similar experience.
No pain killers is a crock. You could safely take tylenol with codeine or vicodin. Call your OB or midwife and tell them what happened. They should happily prescribe you some pain pills without a problem. A lot of non-OB docs are scared to death of pregnant women and just avoid doing anything out of fear. I once had a doctor give me amoxicillin for a bad ear infection and then say to me, "If it doesn't work, don't come back here, that is all I can give you."
I ended up in the ER two days later with two perforated ear drums from a massive out of control infection. God bless the NP who called the OB resident to find out what I *could* have plus gave me pain killers.
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I might call the dr's office that the L&D OB recommended me too, since I still don't have a dr down here. Or I might just call my OB/GYN back home to see if he'll call in a perscription down here for me. Now my stomach hurts, and I don't know why. I'm just having one of those days.
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Oh no, that just sounds miserable.
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I broke my big toe once! It's the only bone I've ever broken and Yes! It hurts! I had to wear the wooden bottomed shoe too I was in the ER a few weeks ago with a kidney stone and they gave me morphine shots and sent me home with a prescription for percocets. I second the suggestion of calling your doctor/midwife for something! Don't we already suffer enough in our third trimester, you poor thing! Get feeling better soon momma.
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Well, I'm feeling a little better today, but still in pain. I did a lot of walking, which I think flared it up some. And to top it off, I had an itch on the bottom of my big toe and involuntarily my toe moved to "scratch itself". OUCH!!!! Not fun. Plus, I'm walking funny b/c I waddle and have a limp, so DF and a few of our friends like to poke at me. So if it still hurts this bad in the morning, I think I will call my OB back home and see if he or one of his nurses will prescribe me a small amount of pain meds. Nothing too much, just enough to ease the pain some, so I can feel more normal.
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Ouch mama! I broke my little toe in my third trimester with ds2, caught it in the hole of a laundry basket. lol It hurt so bad. I hope it heals fast for ya!
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I'm feeling a lot better today. Still pain, but not unbearable. I've just been trying to take it easy, which is near impossible since I'm helping keep DF's work schedule organized for him. But I'm trying not to walk too much. I had to go to the store today to pick up some groceries and actually drove around in one of those motorized carts. I don't care what people think, I would've died walking Wal-mart with a fractured toe and, not to mention, bad BH.
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Wow I'm so glad to hear baby is OK...but what an ordeal!! I, too, have now entered the clutzy time in pregnancy. I fell down about 6 or 7 stairs here yesterday and was very lucky not to have broken my ankle! It is sore but OK, and my tailbone is sore as well as my other foot with a nasty rugburn! LOL I am so grateful that I didn't land on my tummy though as that would have been awful!

It scared me pretty good though and my 21 mo old screamed her lungs out in terror when she saw me fall! I had to snuggle her up good, what a sweetie.
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