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peanuts/PB? green smoothies?

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What's the TF approach to peanut butter? We'd stocked up on lots of Skippy, which b/c of the rancid oils and sugar I *know* is bad. But is there a traditional way to prepare peanut butter? Soaking raw peanuts then roasting/grinding? I know Tropical Traditions sells a coconut oil PB or something but haven't looked into it.

And obviously green smoothies are not "traditional" but where might they fit in a TF diet? Is it true that you can get protein from lots of liquified greens?! I love the idea but it seems to good to be true (and I can't recall where I read/heard that).

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I definately think green smoothies can have a place in a TF diet. Use all TF friendly items in your smoothies and it is a wonderful source of nutrients and raw food enzymes. Plus kids who don't like greens will usually take one which will get those good enzymes into them too. Not sure about protein. Greens have some in them but I am not sure a green smoothie would have enough in it to really get excited about. But I am no expert.

As far as I know the TF way to make nut butter would be like you said, to soak and dry raw nuts and then grind them up with some extra oil. Sounds like a lot of work to me so I use nut butters as a compromise food I am a bad girl.
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I agree with the PP about green smoothies. I'm sure that 300 years ago they weren't making smoothies at all, given that there weren't any blenders around. However, IMO, smoothies are such a great way to pack in a lot of nutrition in a quick, easy meal, esp. if you have any picky eaters.

As far as PB, I don't have any quick ideas about it, as it's one of those things I am not going to give up. I just can't make everything from scratch, it simply isn't feasible for me. I do, however, buy an organic variety with no hydrogenated oils, no HFCS, etc. Just peanuts, salt, etc. If I could buy one that was TF-friendly, I probably would do that.
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ok - good new re: the green smoothies. Now I just want more data re: if they really can be a decent source of protein... something about all the amino acids in them??

Amanda, did you read that we were eating *Skippy*?!? lol That's beyond compromise. I think I'll consider it a pre-transition food. Meanwhile I'll research how I could really make my own PB. I like the idea. Now where would I find raw peanuts? I live in VA, and IIRC growing peanuts (any legume?) is good for the soil. Maybe I can grow some! Probably not, but maybe I can find a local source.

Thanks, ladies!
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I don't know about the green smoothies having protein (I think not much unless you add dairy to them), but I did read the other day that a TF diet should aim to have about 50% of your foods be raw. So I would think that a green smoothie would fit right in. Add some kefir and you get probiotics too!

Our food co-op has a machine that grinds nuts into nut butter and that is so convenient! Then you know you are really just getting peanuts in your peanut butter. Maybe there's something like that in a store near you?
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It's really really difficult, maybe even impossible, to get raw peanuts. They are too easily contaminated with a specific fungus that's very poisonous (an aflatoxin) so most vendors won't sell them. That's why in RAW cuisine you'll never see peanut recipes - they make 'peanut butter' and 'Thai peanut sauce' and stuff with almonds and cashews.

Greens have ton of protein per unit weight, but of course they weigh *VERY* little, haha. To get a substantial amount of protein you'd need to juice like, 30 heads of kale (some RAW foodists do this, but you know, they're sorta crazy-like)

Green smoothies are great for you, but not as a source of protein.
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