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Birth dreams

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I was wondering if anyone else was having dreams about giving birth...

Last night, I had multiple birthing dreams. In the first dream, DH dropped me off at the hospital, my MW was there, and the baby was born before DH got back from parking the car. Ha! In the second dream, DH was there, MW was there, my mom was there, and everything went smoothly with the birth.

In the third dream, I was in a room at the hospital with other pregnant moms. This doctor showed up and started asking me all kinds of questions. Then, he tried to tell me that my due date was wrong, even though I kept telling him I wasn't due for 1-1/2 wks. He said he needed to know our cable or satellite provider. I asked him why, and he told me so they could broadcast my c-section live to our house and we could record it at home. I sat up and started screaming, "You will not cut me open! I want my MW, and I want her NOW!" I woke up not long after that. Wonder what this mama planning a VBAC has on her mind, huh???
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Ok, the cable provider thing made me laugh a little! Go you for sticking up to that OB though!

I've had a few, one where I was at yoga and went into very active labor very suddenly, and someone drove me home, but no one could start my car (it has issues with starting up) and it got towed for being parked overnight without enough meter tokens

I also had a dream the other night that I was having one of those labors where you wake up and OMG the baby is coming NOW. And DH was at work and I couldn't get DD1 to bring me the phone so I could call anyone! I woke up from that dream and decided to move a phone into my bedroom when I'm full term! Not that I'd have any reason to think I'd labor like that, but it's always good to be prepared, right??
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I have had a recurring dream where I go into labor very quickly at home while dh is at work over an hour away (we're trying to find him something closer to home ASAP). I call him but he wasn't able to get here in time. I decide to take a bath and things go from early labor to deliver in minutes. I end up giving birth in the tub before dh gets home. That's the point where I wake up, before I can see the face or gender of the baby. I think I've had this dream 5 times.

it's kind of funny because I'm not planning a homebirth at all. And a UC? haha But who knows.
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I've only had one labor dream and that was like three months ago. LOL I dreamt that instead of having a boy, we were having a girl. Go figure. LOL

Now I am having weird pregnancy dreams. Mainly more a long the lines of nightmares and weird dreams. I dunno. I just know there are nights that I wake up and cannot go back to sleep b/c I can't seem to "switch the channel" in my mind. I really hate those nights.
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A couple weeks back I had a dream I was giving birth to quads..that was kinda scarey! But there is def only 1 little girl in there!
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