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Bipolar depression: facts, opinions, treatment

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If you have any knowledge, experience, or read about this condition, please share any info. I will appreciate it!

My situation is really bad: I grew up with a mother who suffered from it (of course I didn't know about it until know, when I already have a child of my own). My childhood was really miserable. Mom's brother (my uncle) has it as well. I ended up being married to a man who has it (they say it happened after his military service in one of those countries). He denies it, his doctor won't tell me, but I figured out he has it by the symptoms, which I read online (He has a PTSD disability though). The most horrible thing is that while reading the symptoms, I realized that I have it, too. For me, the roots are deep in my childhood, when I was abused by my mom, and got used to being mistreated and feeling like a piece of trash. I really want to get rid of it because I am tired of feeling up and down and also tired and my husband's mood swings and abuse. All this is happening while I am still nursing my toddler. Help! I've never known life can be so rough! I won't be able to have any more kids because it's hereditary, and I am so worried about DS who seems to be out of control even now.

If you want to wish me a happy trip to HCP, please do so, however, only few of them go deep into the roots, vast majority just prescribes happy pills.
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You need to go see a Psychiatrist for an official diagnosis. Then a therapist for therapy.

My husband is Bipolar II. We didn't know until he was going to commit suicide last June (I intervened before he could do it and took him to the ER which sent him to lockdown). We thought he was just very depressed and he had just started seeing a Psychiatrist who put him on Cymbalta (wrong drug for him).

I am going to have this thread moved to mental health. That is the more appropriate forum.
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FWIW we are worried about our son too. He seems to have alot of quirks my husband does.
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When you say that your mom and her brother both had "it" do you mean that they were clinically dx'd with Bipolar Disorder or are you just going by the symptoms that can be associated with it?

I wouldn't panic yet. It DOES sound like you really need to get in to a therapist at least to talk about the deep emotional scarring that you have from a hard childhood. This alone can impact your day to day moods along with postpartum hormones which could be causing PPD/PPA which can cause mood swings.

Honestly it wouldn't be wise for anyone here to say that you do or do not have BP (same goes for your husband). So many of the mental disorders have similar traits and reactions that it can be hard to be diagnosed without a complete history and especially family history (if your mom and uncle were clinically diagnosed).

My recommendation, see a therapist soon. For all of the reasons that you mentioned, and then see if they think that you need to talk to a psychiatrist. (((hugs)))
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