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I am headed to a 3d/4d u/s this afternoon! I'm looking forward to seeing our little man! The best part is that you can bring up to 10 ppl so my mom & the kids will get to be there too.
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at the risk of being a terrible ddc member, this is pretty whiny and all about me. which might just be an indication of pregnancy...

in addition to hemorrhoids, pretty sure i also have a varicose vein in my vulva (labia?). anyway, down there.

i am so freaking over pregnancy. too bad it is so bad for babies to come too early. today i am DONE WITH IT.
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Sounds like a few of us are very unhappy campers. Hugs to everyone. I totally understand the intimacy department. Sex is the last thing on my bodies mind (though i am wanting it soooo badly), but the SPD makes it feel as if i'm going to break so its a major no go. Sigh.

I spent ALL night throwing up. I was too tired to cook so made DH pick up some Wendy's. Been paying for it ever since. Blah
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Hey everyone...I hope you are having a better day! I go back and forth. I have days where I am cranky, tired and uncomfortable...especially when this little guy is transverse or breech, which he changes often. In fact, during my 3d/4d u/s he went from breech to transverse to vertex in less than an hour! Lots of space in there evidently! LOL

We got a CD of pictures, DVD of the whole u/s with our music added, and 4 printed photos yesterday at our u/s. Baby boy is no question a boy LOL and he is already chubby cheeked and adorable! He was all curled up for awhile with his feet, hands and head all curled up in a ball. Most of the u/s he was sucking on his umbilical cord! LOL
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at_the_hip that is so sweet! My little brother had a blister on his arm from sucking on it in the womb. I bet that was super cool to see!!

I am having a better day!! I have a friend that is coming over with two big bins of baby clothes and maternity clothes!! I got my kitchen and living room cleaned up! Now I am ready for a nap.
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Just dropping in to say Hi! I keep meaning to post but then get side tracked and then my time on the computer is up and I never posted!
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Aw so exciting about the pics!

I totally understand the business! Wed-Fridays are our choatic days lol!
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OMG there are term May mamas who are in labor as we speak!!! I am not an early deliverer but it's still freaking me out a little!!!!
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Yeah, my MW the other day told me I was "cleared" for homebirth around May 6th or 7th-ish, I think my jaw dropped to the floor because um, that's like 3 weeks or less from now! Not that I'd go that early but it puts that little rush on things!!!
Speaking of, I have good news on two fronts that I was stressed over! My friend who rents the birth tub offered to rent it to me for just the filter cost, which she found for 20 dollars!! I'm still going to try to pay her some extra for her time/effort/etc. and bake her some muffins or something, but seriously that is a HUGE weight off my back! My MW and I were going over all the birth prefrence stuff at my last visit (you know, like, are you ok with vag. exams in labor, do you want to give the baby vit. K, etc.), I told her she's not allowed to let me get out of that tub That's my birthplan, make sure I give birth in that big giant tub that we pulled all the strings in the world to get here!

Also, my BP has been good. My dad let me borrow his BP monitor and I take it a few times a week at home, it's been really good. It was even ok at the MW visit the other day, though a little higher than at home. So, now I need some advice. The big "plan" all along was when my BP starts creeping up we're going to do whatever we can to keep it under the cutoff, and then at 36/37 weeks we're going to nudge baby to come early. Meaning, stretch and sweep with EPO, taking cotton root tincture, and if it gets over 140/90 we'll try stronger herbs, and if baby is favorable and I'd otherwise risk out we'd try breaking my water at home and get things started that way. Which freaked me out because my babies cook past 40 weeks, and I don't want to mess with nature, BUT I accepted that plan of action because if I'm getting 150/110 like last time it's this or I'm hospital bound where I'll be getting WAY more intervention than that!
But now we're in this situation where I'm not getting high readings at all. I'm getting very normal ones. And I'm almost 34 weeks. So now what? She said we can throw that plan out the window totally and wait for my body. OR we can do just the stretch/sweeps at 37 weeks just in case my BP shoots up in the last weeks. I almost want to say no, just leave things alone, but I'm worried that my BP thing is related to the heat, and it's going to get hot in May. I've had an August baby and a July baby with BP issues that start in May each time. It could be coincidence that that's just the end of pregnancy for me, or it could totally be that once we hit a heat wave and I start getting swelling, my BP starts going up. And I know we can always wait and see if that happens, but then there's less time to work with if I'm 39 weeks and suddenly getting really high readings....whereas if I consent to stretch/sweep at 37, my body is much more favorable to going into labor (or being helped along with herbs) when/if it jumps up, and might not even get to that point of further intervention. I decided to take the GBS test, because if I'm + then that answers things, I'm not going to mess around in there. But if I'm not then I really don't know....thoughts anyone??
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Finally had time to read through all the posts... and I just have to laugh. Everyone is so grumpy and tired and irritable and annoyed and uncomfortable. It like reading about ME!

My house also is irritating me. Its always too dusty, too hairy, too cluttered, too something. DH stays in the bathroom too long (I think I'm going to start pretending I'm using the toilet and take a book and blanket in with me to sit on the floor), the kids are loud and messy, the pets have the nerve to be shedding their winter coats.

I'm exhausted all the time. I want to start nesting for baby and getting his room ready, but that takes effort, help from DH, TIME and MONEY... which all seem to not happen.

I did find it interesting that many of you are more uncomfortable with the baby transverse. Caleb is always transverse and curled up in a super tight little ball. And yes, it can be discomforting.

As for DTD (sigh) between my SPD and the now big belly, my position of choice is no longer a possibility. DH and I need to get creative - but am I up for creative?

Still... the days when I'm feeling pretty comfy and not too sleepy and I can just sit and talk to baby boy, rub my tummy and think about how much fun this is going to be to do again with DH... it is SO worth it! (... yet I'm still tired.)

On a more exciting note: I ordered a shipment of CDs for baby boy this week. Hopefully they'll arrive today or tomorrow. Can't wait to see them! My Shower is also scheduled for May 8th!
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lisko, your post made me laugh - it's like we live in the same house! except I banned my cats outside til they are done shedding. I just can't handle it.

*mama moose* why does GBS+ risk you out? Do you mean you'd have to be at the hospital? But to answer your real question - hm, sounds like you have a lot to think about. Can you do things that are non-invasive but can help your body, like EPO, but not the stuff that might start labor before the baby is ready if your BP stays good?

Here, I am having a much better day. Much more able to just let go of the stuff that I can't do, like housekeeping, and DS had a good sleep day, which always helps.

at_the_hip, what a great experience to see your LO! I can't tell which direction this one is in, but he has a lot of room to move, and he's jamming into my ribs right now. Whew.

Not a lot to report. Hanging in there. Looking forward to the next u/s on 5/5 to see what the heck that placenta is doing. I don't have a feeling one way or the other, so I am eagerly awaiting finding out.
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Oh, I didn't mean risk me out, I meant, if I'm GBS+ I'm not going to let my midwife stick her hand up there and mess with it! It's actually like 90% of why I did the test, because if my BP shoots up and we want to try to "induce" at home, I don't want to walk around with ruptured membranes being GBS+, especially artificially ruptured.
Maybe I will just do EPO and maybe cotton root, I did those last time and she came at 40+6.....

This baby is apparently head down all the time, the last 3 MW visits we've found his/her head way down in my pelvis! That's a good thing, but weird, because aren't 2nd and beyond babies more likely to move around a bunch and not "drop" until labor?

As far as the grumpy/tired feelings.....right there with you mamas! I'm not sleeping well at night at all, and it's getting to me during the day. Luckily I've gotten some nesting bug stuff going on which is letting me keep my house clean, and that makes me happier.....but I'm finding my patience very short with my kids and DH, and anyone else who crosses my path....
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Ah that makes sense, and probably how I'd do it too. Thanks for clarifying!

It seems like the time is flying by. I can't believe our babes will be here SOON!
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When do you start EPO? I have pregnant amnesia.....
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Originally Posted by Burnindinner View Post
It seems like the time is flying by. I can't believe our babes will be here SOON!
Yes it is! I am so glad, though! This lil girl is so active and keeps tumbling around, it feels so weird and I can't wait to have her out of me! I'm hoping she's sleeping a lot at night, because I pretty much feel her moving all day. Today she has been a constant earthquake in my belly with aftershocks to my cervix and bladder.

Incidentally, I was talking to some other moms, and one of them mentioned that if I have a scheduled C-sec, it would probably be 2 wks before my due date. I'll see my OB next week, and I'll see what she says. So far, it seems she hasn't ruled out a vaginal birth, but seriously I do NOT want to screw my back up after just having had such a successful surgery, and I'm not sure I'd be able to bear down properly and I don't want an emergency c-sec. Btw, I am so jealous of you ladies that get to have home births and/or water births. But at least I have an OB who is pretty crunchy, and so is the labor/delivery dept of the hospital.

Hooray for showers! Mine is Saturday, and I'm soo excited! Also, this week DH and I picked up a bunch of furniture from freecyclers, so now we have smaller couches and more floor space in the house for things like the baby swing my MIL sent us. We are rearranging everything and getting the house organized (finally!). It has pretty much been a royal mess since I was bedridden back in Oct. We never had put up our framed photos or mirrors, and finally we're getting around to that, too. Makes me so happy. It's finally going to look so much more like a home before baby Karina comes! My friend and I are almost done making all our cloth pocket diapers and inserts.

Okay, I'm bushed, so it's off to bed for me. Hope everyone's aches and grumpiness subsides soon, babies turn to their proper positions, and partners get it into their heads to pamper us all!
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mama moose - for me i drop when i have long babies lol. My 2nd was 22" and a few days early and she dropped and engaged at 36 weeks. With #3, i didnt drop til in labor and she was 18". So im interested to see what happens this time.
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I think different midwives have different recs, but with DS I started oral EPO at 1500 mg (I THINK) every day for 1 week starting at 37 weeks, then 500 mg/day after til delivery. Especially if you are trying to go early they might start it earlier and/or recommend internal too.

bananabee, if we have to schedule a c-sec b/c of the previa, it will be early too. I would be very surprised with a May b-day! But I think the OB would prefer before 39 weeks, so we'll see. Apparently with a previa any dilation is super dangerous for both of us.
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Well, ladies, I just had my shower today. It was just wonderful, and I came home with a lot of super cute outfits and a handful practical gifts. I also got to meet and hold my cousin-in-law's baby today - he was born at 26 wks, and if he'd gone to term, he'd have been born in March. He was so precious - slept the whole time I was holding him. I just can't wait to meet my little one! I know these weeks will fly by just like the rest have. DH graduates and gets commissioned as an officer in the middle of May, and this week when I see my OB, I bet we will schedule my c-section. It is going to be an amazing summer.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!
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Yay for baby showers! Don't they make it seem like you're so much closer to meeting your baby??
I'm having one (yep, for my 3rd baby lol) in 2 weeks, May 2nd.

I am so tired I can't even think enough to post a coherent post. I've been up every hour at night, sometimes even more often, and in a lot of pain at night so the sleep I'm getting isn't great........my brain is just going to melt into mush very very soon.
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Aw sounds like fun! I'm not looking forward to my baby shower (also for our 3rd. my bff insisted that i have one since i have NO baby stuff left), simply because i HATE being focused on lol. But my sisters are coming out of town, so i'm very excited to see them all and my neices and nephews.
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