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Mono for the second time - as an adult?

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Has anyone had mononucleosis twice – the second time as an adult? If so, for how long did you feel sick? What did you take, if anything, to lessen your symptoms?

I didn’t think it was possible. I am 45 and had mono at age 14; my doctor told me last week I have mono. He said it is rare to get it twice but if the immune system is really rundown it is possible. My immune system seems to be non-existent. I’ve been sick for about a year with one thing or another. It started early last May when we all had, what I believe was H1N1 – we didn’t go to the doctor. Since then I have had one illness after another –colds, bronchitis, non-stop coughs, pink eye, recurring sinus infections, etc. The doctor said this round of mono will be less severe than the mono I had as a child. It doesn’t feel less severe…but it could be because I am also fighting a sinus infection and have had horrible headaches.

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so sad no one answered this question. I am on the same boat as you are but like you have no answers
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This happened to a family friend of ours. Unfortunately I'm not sure how long it lasted the 2nd time around so I can't answer that for you. I had it once when I was a teen and I was miserable. I'm sorry you're going through this... again!
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I had mono twice, as a teen and again in my early twenties, I think I was 21 the second time and if I remember correctly it was slightly worse the second time around.
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This happened to me. I had mono when I was 16 and I got it again last May (2009). I had all of the same symptoms, but worse, as I had when I was a teenager. My mono spot came back positive (after being negative previously). I still don't feel 100%.

Were you tested this time?
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I also had it twice. Once as a teen and once in my early twenties. I was tested both times and confirmed an active case of mono. What I recall is that the first case was more the acute throat pain/swelling combined w/ fever and fatigue. The second time was more fatigue-focused and I also had a badly enlarged spleen. I really can't recall how long it took to recover. FWIW I also had west nile twice when they said I could only get it once. Sorry you are feeling awful.
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I also had mono twice, although nobody believed me at the time since it's supposed to be impossible. But the doctors tested and came up with two active cases. The first time (7th grade) was horrible, and I was really physically sick. The second time (Junior year of HS) was less severe, but I was extremely fatigued and lost a lot of weight. Seems my symptoms echo what balancedmama experienced.
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OP here...Thanks for the responses. One person I told seemed to not believe me (a strange thing to lie about). I felt awful and run down for quite a while - hopefully I won't get it a third time!!
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