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Tuny bumps all over arms and legs...grass allergy?

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Hi. My son is 21 months old and since the weather broke, we have been taking him outside in the back yard a lot. On Easter, he was outside and was rolling around in the grass. The next day he woke up with really puffy eyes and his upper neck broke out in a rash with tiny little red bumps ...(he has short hair so the nape of his neck was exposed) His nose also started running and he starting coughing that night in the middle of the night. We called the ped, and they said it sounds like he has a bit of a croup virus (from the way we described his cough...barky) and the rash was most likely from his skin touching the grass. He had a routine check up a few days later anyway, and his neck rash was clearing up and his eyes were better, but now the tiny bumps were all over his arms and legs. At this point they weren't too too bad, the doc saw them and still said she thought it was from contact from the grass.
Since our ped appointment, the little bumps seems to keep appearing. Just on his lower arms and legs though....the skin that was exposed to the grass. His runny nose is getting a bit better, he is still coughing at night. Today when he woke up, I swear NEW BUMPS are on his one arm and both legs appeared. They are tiny little things. We went outside yesterday, and his hands touched some tree bark, but he had long pants and long sleeves on.....

Sorry for the novel! Anyone else's ds or dd experience this reaction to being outside in nature? I am just trying to be sure about what this is.

Doc recommended hydrocortisone cream for the itch....any other suggestions?

PS, there has been no fever....
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Did you ever figure out exactly what this was? My daughter has the same thing happening with spreading bumps.i thought they were a grass allergy but they seem to be getting worse and worse. Please help! How long do grass allergy rashes last typically?
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Hi, so sorry to hear you are going through this too! No, I never did figure out exactly what this was, though it did go away after a few weeks. My son has just turned 4 now, and it's so ironic that you posted because he just recently had them for a second time. Except this time, he wasn't out in the grass....that I know of or can remember anyway.


They went away again after about 2 weeks. They were all over his lower legs. Very itchy.

Good luck! 

PS we didn't use any cream or anything on it, and it went away on its own

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Thank you for writing back! This is our first experience with any type of rash (dd is 15 months and has never even had diaper rash) so I was freaking out. It's just so strange because it began as just a smll patch of bumps on one leg, stayed like that for a few days, and then spread to the other leg and all over her lower legs. Today I noticed a few bumps in her thighs too. It only began to bother her a couple of days ago- didn't seem to itch before that. She is still getting over a nasty cold/cough that she's had for a couple of weeks. Could these be related? The bumps are all located in her legs, not her torso or face (where I've read most viral bumps show up) so I didn't think it was related to the cold.

Now I'm wondering if there's something we may have brought into the house in our feet/our dog's feet that she is reacting to.. We live in NYC so I'm sure there are all types of allergens and chemicals out there.

I'm just hoping it stops spreading and clears up. The placement of the rash is so strange- I just can't figure out what it is!
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