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30 weeks and counting

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So I'll be 30 weeks tommorrow..Time flies when your throwing up!

Energy wise, I am drained by dinner time..but I can feel myself getting into the groove of the nesting phase. I got up early had laundry and house clean by noon.

I've been thinking a lot about the "big day" plan. Since it looks like all 3 kids,DH and my mother will be camping out at the hospital until River makes her way into the world. We live an hour from the hospital and babysitters are far and few between so that's our best option at this point if I go into labor without an induction. My plan is to pack the kids school book-bags with coloring books,crayons, play-dough, and snacks so they won't be bored,hungry and otherwise cranky while waiting. If I go to 41 weeks the DR's will schedule an induction, and I will have to seriously figure out who I can get to sit with the kids. I am glad I am due just after school lets out, at least we wont have to worry about getting them back and forth..though this may be an advantage if I went into labor just as they went to school!

So is anyone else seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Getting prepared for baby day? Or am I the only neurotic mamma on the planet?
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I'll be 33 weeks on Tuesday. I'm definitely getting prepared - almost all the "baby stuff" is bought, I have most of the homebirth supplies on hand and will purchase the rest by the end of the week, and I'm starting to cook things to go in the freezer for eating after the baby comes.

Apparently I'm missing the nesting instinct. I have no more desire to clean than I ever do, which isn't much. And I'm cooking and freezing because I know I should, not because I have any drive to do so. I'm buying things because I like to buy things

Only about 7 more weeks for me! I'm hoping then my hips can go back to not aching!
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I'm 33 weeks and no where near starting to prepare. BUT we have to move, so i see no point in doing anything until we are settled in. I have decided i'll order all my homebirth stuff at 34 weeks and then start gathering things for the new babe the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. Haven't really done much else to prepare though.
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jdg: I have no desire to cook lol..shopping I would love to partake in, but I have to wait for my budget to ease up a bit.

Aka mommy: BTDT moving takes it's toll when not preggy but it royaly bites when your so far along.
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28w5d here. Yesterday I hit the point where I feel really uncomfortable. I had a hard time just walking around the house. That makes it REALLY hard to nest.

We have a billion things going on and most have to be done before the baby gets here. We are having our dining room drywalled sometime this week or next week. We have the old ceiling down and the new lighting almost run, but I have to clear everything out of it and tear existing paneling walls down. The contractors will get it to the point of painting and then we'll have to pick out a paint color and go to town. We also promised the kids we'd build their new swing set sometime soon. Beyond that, I think I just have a TON of general house cleaning to do.

I haven't even considered what the kids will do when I'm in labor. In the past, we've relied on my mom and brother to help. My mom won't come to our house with our new dog here, though. I might have to set up some kind of boarding for her. I usually have our other dog gone to my parents' house after the baby is born for a few weeks to lighten our stress a little bit anyway.

I think the only thing we really wanted to buy before the baby comes is a new playard. One with a bassinet/changing table thing on top and a diaper stacker thing on the side. The baby will be in our room at least a few months, but we set the baby up in a separate sleep area to start the night and for naps. Can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure I'll think of more.
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I'm 30 weeks today! Whoo-hoo!

I'm dying to get working on the baby's room but waiting for DH to finish a contracting job so he can finish the paint. Hopefully by first week May. I've got tons of handmedowns to go through - which is great!

Got to buy a dresser and a snap and go stroller frame and sew new covers for a handmedown glider. DD and I are going to do some artwork for the baby's room too.

Funny that you mention about what to do with your kid(s) during labor. I've been putting it out into the universe that I go June 17 - 5 days early. My favorite person is off work that day and he can watch DD, then we have one day while she's still at school (for baby and me to have bonding time with Daddy while we're still at the hospital) - then we're home for the weekend!

Can't hurt to ask, right?
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