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onesie decorating.

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I have a bunch of plain onesies I want to do something with. are there any patterns or examples of hand painted onesies you like? I can get fabric markers, and I have acrylic paints.
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Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I think it will work for what Ive been looking for!
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Great tutorial ... here's my first stenciled shirt for my 3mo son :)




sun shirt



I think I'm also going to try something like this except not with flowers


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Looks nice.

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I've done several stencils now and have a couple of thoughts ...


-- a small self-healing cutting mat and an exacto knife makes cutting more detailed stencils much! easier

-- any medium that will adhere a stencil to the shirt will work.  I'm thinking 3m magic spray to adhere a vinyl(?) stencil might be a good way to create a reusable stencil.  haven't tried it yet tho!

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