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Post Illness Start Foods! Plse help!

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Rather than call the vet and have them tell me stuff I don't need to hear about, I thought I'd come and ask advice here. Our girl has been sick for 2 days now on and off; she had a relapse last night, had to be walked every 2 hours for a bout of diarrhea and she vomited on our bedroom floor once. She seems empty again now, still energetic, drinking ONLY water. We tried to introduce a SMALL amount of her food yesterday thinking that she had recovered but she didn't process her food again. Our Autistic girls sneak her food and that didn't help; today we've separated our dog from them to make sure she gets nothing but fresh water. How long should I do this and what should be her intro foods to solids again. I've heard of feeding canned pumpkin; is that ALL I should feed her for a bit or mix it with a bit of kibble? I must give kudos to our dog; she did her best last night to wake us up to take her out and only had one accident on the floor on Saturday. She's really trying to be good for us despite feeling so ill. Any gentle advice and prayers would be great! THANKS!
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We have a girl that tends to have bouts of diarrhea when she is stressed or sick or anxious. Once she seems to have settled some we do a day or two of ground beef & rice which has always worked out well for us. Then we go back to her regular food.

Hope she feels better soon.
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Well we've gotten through almost 24 hours of no diarrhea now and she hasn't wanted any food either. One of our girls tried to sneak her a rice crisp and she wouldn't eat it, just chewed it and walked away....usually she stalks her fav twin for some toast or a crisp, not today. She's still drinking fine and full of energy so tomorrow hopefully she'll start eating well in very small quantities. Poor girl!
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Hopefully she does well. Keep an eye on her. Pancreatitis has similar symptoms. Trust me....calling your vet is not a waste of time As a tech I feel my knowledge and info I give to clients to be a valuable asset to the hospital....
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Sounds like she's still feeling ill since she's not eating. The end of diarrhea may just be because she hasn't been eating much and thus doesn't really have anything to expel. If it doesn't get better soon I'd be tempted to visit the vet just in case. It's good that she's drinking water because dehydration is a real problem with upset tummy ailments.

Do you have any idea what the cause was? I find I'm always more concerned if I don't know what was/is the root of the problem.
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