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I'm officially 30 weeks today. And I am kind of freaking out b/c I am so not ready yet. LOL
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Same here and I'm 33 weeks, 34 on Wednesday. Where did the time go? Where did my feet go?

Here's to a productive next few weeks!!!
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This pregnancy is FLYING by! And draaaaaaaaaaging... 31 weeks today!
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We are so so close to birth I can't believe it!!! I get butterflies when I think about it.
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I'm 31 wks too, and am not feeling the crunch yet. I figure I have at least one more month to get things done, and then I'm going to put my swollen feet up and relax. DH will be graduating in a month, so he'll be more available then to help get things ready for Karina.
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I don't feel like it's that close lol! But the last month always drags on and on and on for me. I'm at 33 weeks and it feels like eternity till edd! Which i'm ok with, so much to do!
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I'm definitely feeling it! I have a friend flying in to be with me for the entire month! She gets here May 31st and we are just finishing a kitchen remodel and 3! bathroom remodels. I am JUST NOW putting my house back together after months of chaos. I'm making DH take a few days off work at the end of the month to get more things done!
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I'm 32 weeks. I have moments of panic when I think I have 6 to 10 weeks left. I still have not bought anything (not that I need much but still). I still haven't finalized the plans in case I go into labour while DD is in school (it is quite far from where I live and she absolutely wants to be there for the birth). At least the person who will be replacing me while on mat leave (yay for 1 year mat leave) is starting next week. I think that will help me feel more ready. I might even be able to take a day off to go shopping and try car seats in my car instead of going on an evening or precious weekend day. I also need to start keeping my house tidy as I do not want to deal with mess during and after birth. Cleaning up seems so pointless lately though.

So yeah, time is flying and this baby better not come early.
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Originally Posted by blessed2bmommy View Post
I'm definitely feeling it! I have a friend flying in to be with me for the entire month!
I would LOVE it if someone came and stayed with me for an entire month....DF will start filming the movie that he is working on the second week of June and probably won't finish shooting until July 4th. My SIL is going to talk to my brother about her coming down to stay with me for a couple of weeks AFTER Merrick is born. She will be bringing my niece with her (who is a baby herself). I'm really hoping that she is able to come. I might see, once the date gets closer, if there is a way that she could come down for the week before. But I'm still hoping to be induced early, so DF will be there. That's the one thing I am scared to death of, him not being there. It's not like he's working really far away, but I don't want him to miss anything. Merrick is such a blessing in our lives and we want to share every moment together.
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