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Weekly Thread 4/12-4/18

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So, what's new or on your agenda this week?

My husband and I had a remarkable spurt of getting-ready-for-Bagel this weekend. I snapped up a used orange Bugaboo Frog in great condition for $265 (including accessories). We also ordered a co-sleeper, a carseat, a glider/ottoman, and some prefolds. Right now I'm washing Bagel's laundry so that we'll have clothes to put on the kid if he or she comes early (although we should still have a while to go). I feel so much more logistically prepared than I did two days ago.

I'm cleared for my homebirth as of this weekend, which feels hugely relieving even though I'm not having any symptoms that suggest that labor is eminent. We have an appointment with our midwife on Thursday, which is always exciting. We also have THREE childbirth classes plus our infant first aid/CPR class this week. And on top of that, I'm having tea with a doula friend (not my doula) and I have to reschedule a call from the insurance nurse. I was going to try to go to an information session with the pediatrician we picked out, but I might have to bump that until next week for fear of overloading my husband with massive baby stuff. It is very, very much feeling like this week is All Baby, All The Time.
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Great score on the stroller!

We did baby organizing this weekend too! Not that we're done by any means, but we made some major inroads! Woohoo! The baby's dresser is actually in the baby's room and a bookshelf, my yarn dresser, my yarn cabinet, and the sewing machine are all NOT in the baby's room! Plus 10~ish boxes of books are gone too! I feel like the room is 1/2 cleared out, which is fabulous.

I think we also made decisions about colors and such, which is good. I would have loved to paint the room, but we're renting and DP isn't much of a DIY person at times, especially since we've been looking for a house to buy for months. Plus, that would have involved moving everything out of the room at once- and I'm not sure I would have been up for that either! Lol!

The baby has been moving a ton this weekend- fun times! I feel great in general, but I think I have a cold. So we'll see, lol.
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We (and by we, I mean DH) painted our bedroom this weekend, I am in love with the color even more than I thought I would be. We put off doing anything with our bedroom for so long, because there were so many other little things to do in the house that were more "visible", but I'm so glad that we finally got around to painting...now it looks like "our room" and not just another place we were renting. We (he) still have to do the edging, I'm going to tape up the room tonight and he's going to finish that, and we should be totally finished tomorrow night and ready to hang stuff on the walls and put up the new curtain rods and curtains.

I have either a cold or bad allergies, not sure which...my ears and sinuses are plugged up, I lost my voice, and generally feel like rubbish. Between that, SI joint throbbing/shooting pain, a constantly numb right hand with carpal tunnel, and the return of morning sickness I just want to take this week OFF from like, everything, and sit on the couch catching up online with House and Dollhouse.

Wednesday night is our wind ensemble final rehearsal before our concert Thursday night, and I have to start some herb pots this week too. Yesterday we got planted in the garden: potatoes, carrots, radishes, beets, mustard greens and started in pots: catnip, parsley, and marjoram. Have another dozen kinds of herbs to start, need to get it done within the next couple days for sure.
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We, too have gotten a ton of things done. The nesting energy is going full-force around here. Only a few things left, like fixing the infant car seat I installed wrong, and getting some lanolin. I want to replace my old nursing bras, so I might check out Target's selection. The birth tub was also delivered yesterday, so we're good to go! We also chose a doula over the weekend. It's funny, I'm still dithering in my head, even though the decision is made. They are both really good....

I don't remember feeling so nesty last time, but I think I was using it all at my job - by the time I got home I was exhausted. I'm trying to figure out if this nesting means the baby is coming soon, or if we still have a couple weeks...

You have so much going on, Starkyld - this week will fly by for you. We should take a refresher CPR course, too. I remember how to do infant, but this toddler sitting in my lap would be in trouble!

Last night, we went to a concert and a woman there implied that she was worried I'd have the baby right there due to the noise level. I told her I'd wait until I got home My first labor was 16 hours from the mildly crampy stage to his emergence, so I doubt I'd just drop a kid in the space of couple hours.
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I had a good weekend. Got the rest of the "stuff" done and now we are completely ready for Jack's arrival!!

I had my 36 week appt with my OB this morning. All is well in the womb. It was an uneventful appointment.

I'm relaxing while my dd sleeps. She'll be up soon and I'm going to take her outside to play, it's a gorgeous day here in Central NY.
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We also had a good weekend. Started out on Friday with out 36-wk appt (even though I was really 37) which was also a class about what to expect at the birth center. That got us motivated to get things started. So, car seat is installed in DH's car, bag is almost packed, things around the house are basically in order for this little one's arrival. I still need to make some food to freeze.

Crazy as it is, I another appointment today. Things still look good, not that I as expecting a change in 72 hours. The mw did says something about him being really low, and then had a sly smile on her face. Don't know what that means.

So, I'm just trying to get everything together at work -- lesson plans for my subs and such. I've been having more BH & crampy feelings. Nothing with a pattern yet. My goal is to get it all done by the end of the week... just in case

Of course that will guarantee he won't come until 42 weeks!
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Must have been something in the air! We had a big nesting weekend too. We have

- completed our nappy stash (although we had to order a couple of things which will arrive at the end of April)

- washed nearly everything (and rescued the load I dyed lavender blue with ? my blue Moby )

- installed the car seat and had it checked by the ambulance installer/checker person

- bought the last little bits and pieces like PawPaw ointment, nail clippers, digital thermometer etc

- went to an active birth class, although it wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be

I'm feeling pretty good about our preparation although there is still quite a lot I'd like to do. I'm feeling like I have lots of energy for prep though which is good. I suspect this is nesting

I think today's job is to pack a bag for me, and, when DH gets home from work we can pack BabyGirl's bag together.

She is doing well, not descended at all but in a pretty good position. Still moving lots and complaining that my organs are encroaching on her personal space. Apparently my liver is particularly intrusive I feel ok but have to be careful not to overdo it or I pay with lots of lower body aches and have to sleep for 12 hours to recover
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Hi Mamas! You all have busy preparing for your little beans. It's fun to get stuff done. We still need to look at strollers, although I don't feel pressed about this at all. Just considering the options for double strollers given that DD is 16 months and doesn't have quite the stamina to walk, walk, walk yet. DH wears her in a sling much of the time but we do use the stroller occasionally and will have to when it's only one of us since we can't doublesling.

Our big news is that we narrowed down our names to three choices that we both really like. One of the names came to me in a dream and the other two are my Dh's favorite name and my favorite name.

My unsettling news is that my maternal grandmother died yesterday. She's been sick for a couple of weeks and was not expected to recover, but it's still a blow to our family. What is personally very upsetting is that I can't go to her funeral. It's a ten-hour drive which I can't make on my own and DH would have to stay to take care of the dogs. The m/w aren't keen on me going given that I am 37 weeks and I had DD at 37 weeks. A friend was going to come with me with her baby but I couldn't fathom going into labor and having a baby without DH. It stinks so much that I can't be with my family right now, particularly my mom as this was her last surviving parent.

Life loves to throw curveballs. My grandmother's bday would have been Thursday, so I am hopeful little bean will see fit to give a tribute.
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Very sorry to hear about your grandmother Starfish. And that you aren't able to go to her funeral.
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Starfish, I'm so sorry for your loss. I imagine that it must be really hard on you to not be able to travel and be with your family right now. I'll be thinking of you.

emnic, your garden continues to sound absolutely awesome.

It really seems that a lot of us have kicked baby-prepping into high gear over the last brief while. I'm at work and just got a message that our co-sleeper has arrived, so our 700sq ft apartment is starting to actually look like a baby could live there at some point in the near future. My agenda for tonight is to clean up the living room area before tomorrow's midwife appointment, finish our taxes (I'm nearly done), and sort out our bed arrangement plan. I think my husband and I are going to flip sides of the bed and put the cosleeper on the side that doesn't currently have anything rather than disassembling and reconfiguring the nightstand that's currently on my side of the bed--but we still need to get the extension kit before we can actually install the co-sleeper.

My fuzzy pregnobrain caused me to misremember a really important deadline by two days. This morning, I logged into an online system to confirm my enrollment in the fall, only to realize that I was supposed to have done so by yesterday! After about 20 minutes of panicking, emailing, and leaving voice mails, I was able to get it all sorted out with no actual damage done.

At last night's childbirthing class, we learned that we had lost a couple over the weekend because they had their baby already. That's really exciting (and is yet another notch of things feeling more real and more imminent for me).
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Just popping in to say Hi!

Long time no see.

Been crazy busy with life, farm (sheep shearing, lambing!), DD, work (40 hrs in 4 days this week...) etc., so hardly have time for anything on the internets.

Will try to catch up!

37w this week here, omg. This weekend = baby prep!
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Originally Posted by FiberLover View Post
Just popping in to say Hi!

Long time no see.

Been crazy busy with life, farm (sheep shearing, lambing!), DD, work (40 hrs in 4 days this week...) etc., so hardly have time for anything on the internets.

Will try to catch up!

37w this week here, omg. This weekend = baby prep!
hey!! so glad to see you...have been wondering where you have been.

i finished my article this week, three weeks before the deadline (and my due date!) so i'm feeling pretty happy about that. i also had a bit of a baby prep weekend, though there wasn't much to do there...mostly just lanolizing woolies and bring newborn clothes up from the basement. but it's all done! now i would just like another week to tie up some loose fellowship ends and then maybe a few days after that just to nest/clean/garden...if i can make it to 39w i'll be pleased -- it would be hard if baby came as early as wren. i'm feeling really comfortable and content to stay pregnant for a while so i think i'll be fine even if beeb decides to come "late." i don't feel labor is impending, so maybe s/he will be!
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and starky, i'm bummed we haven't gotten a chance to meet up yet but am looking forward to meeting up with beebs perhaps! (unless you have some time in the next couple of weeks.)
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Fiber, it's good to see you around! Glad everything is going well and I hope you get some less busy time between now and the new baby's arrival.

brooklyn_warbler, congrats on finishing up your article! I know how stressful trying to write with fuzzy pregnobrain can be--and I still have academic obligations hanging over my own head! I should have some smatters of free time here and there over the next couple of weeks. Either way, we should definitely meet up either in our deeply pregnant states or with new babies.

Now I need to figure out if non-wool diaper covers need to be lanolized...I've been looking at the ones I bought off of etsy and wondering if there's anything I'm supposed to do to treat them before using. The seller didn't include any instructions to do so....
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I love to hear everyone's productive nesting stories.

My nesting is on hold as I am paralyzed with our kitchen project. I did get my herbs planted into pot last night. I did decide on tile and paint for the kitchen. I did at least make a list of what to pack in hospital bag. I was hit with a spurt of nasty contrx yesterday that put my into the...."what if baby comes at 37 wks?" panic. I feel like I went from having tons of time, to none. The next two days are packed w/ workman in and out, Fri I am taking a bunch of 11 yos out for DD1s bday, Sat we are outta town, Sunday my folks are in town, next week is DD1s actual bday, dance tues night, ball wed night, pitching lesson an hour away thurs night, dinner with friends fri night, spring football game sat, bday celebration for DD1 w/ inlaws. So my HOPE is that by Monday, April 26th my kitchen will be done, the insanity will be cleared a bit, I will over 35wks along and then can just next like heck to get the house together in time for baby.

On a wonderful note....my 2 yo that usually wakes every couple hours slept ALL NIGHT LONG last night!!! WHOHOO!!
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Originally Posted by starkyld View Post
Now I need to figure out if non-wool diaper covers need to be lanolized...I've been looking at the ones I bought off of etsy and wondering if there's anything I'm supposed to do to treat them before using. The seller didn't include any instructions to do so....
What kind of covers are they? What are they made of? I haven't heard of non-wool covers needing to be lanolized, but we vegans aren't very hip on wool, so.
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wow, there definitely must be something in the air! way to go mommas for being so productive!!

emnic - i hope you feel better! i was suffering from sinus issues myself last week. not fun at all

starfish - i'm so sorry for your loss ((hugs))

brooklyn - congrats on finishing your article!

AFM - i had a rough wk last week. it started off with a terrible sinus infection that kicked my booty for the majority of the week. at my 33 wk appt with my m/w my bp was a bit up and there was some protein/glucose in my urine, so that further dampened my spirits. i think the high bp was due to my being sick, but i'm not sure how to explain the protein/glucose in the urine thing. so i'm trying to be extra cautious so that i do well at my next appt on the 26th. my weekend was good though. i had maternity pics taken. here are some of the pics on my photographer's blog. and then dh and i had a baby shower hosted by a good friend of ours. it turned out really nice. we didn't get a lot of stuff on our registry, so i was freaking out about that. but i've started going through and buying the things that we really need (i.e. CDs). i ordered a bunch from cotton babies yesterday.

i have some things to take back to the store, and hopefully we can get the car seat installed this weekend. i also have a ton more baby clothes to wash. *sigh* my to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. can't wait for my massage this evening!!
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Wow those are some great pregnancy photos
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Originally Posted by SaraMum View Post
Wow those are some great pregnancy photos
No kidding! Totally adorable. I love the way the pink tank makes that sweet baby belly stand out against all the pretty nature backdrops! Lovely.
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Add me to the "sick list"! I've got some sort of throat/congestion thing. I actually feel okay- it hurts when I cough, but otherwise I'm fine- swallowing doesn't hurt, no achy tenderness, no sinus pressure/headache, etc. I have almost *no* voice and am hacking up ick, plus random crazy congestion that comes and goes...

Anyway, I've actually called in sick the past two nights! This is a big deal as I haven't called in sick in 2 years! And of course I'm thinking that PTO time used now = less time off to spend with the baby!

In other news- the baby is moving a TON in the past few days! And the nesting/ "oh crap the baby is coming SOON" realization has hit and organizing and cleaning are actually happening on a daily basis! So yay!

I start acupuncture tomorrow- I'm excited and nervous! Yikes!
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