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feminist~mama, is this your first time getting acupuncture? What kind are you getting? It's been a huge help for me for sure. I'm getting Five Elements. Be sure to ask for needles in the ear--it turns me into such a relaxed stoner for the rest of the day.

There is a treatment in Five Elements acupuncture that involves mint balm and a Chinese soup spoon on your back that cleared up my cold super fast. I wonder if you could see about some of that?

I hope you feel better, stat!
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This is my first time, so I have no idea what I'm getting, lol. My midwife recommended this practitioner, so that was good enough for me.

I've no idea what she's planning, but she did tell me I might be sleepy afterward and wanted to make sure I didn't have plans for the evening. It didn't occur to me that maybe she could help me out with my cold- but now I'll be sure to mention that my voice doesn't always sound like this! Thanks for the tip!
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Originally Posted by feminist~mama View Post
I actually feel okay- it hurts when I cough, but otherwise I'm fine- swallowing doesn't hurt, no achy tenderness, no sinus pressure/headache, etc. I have almost *no* voice and am hacking up ick, plus random crazy congestion that comes and goes...

This is EXACTLY what is going on with me! I am so sick of not being able to talk, I sound like I have a 12 pack a day habit, it's driving me crazy. I hate going to work like this and having conversations like this.
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Hey mamas!

My husband and I celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday by taking the kiddies to a very cool little goat farm 1 1/2 hrs away and spending the day petting goats, feeding fish, and watching peacocks preen and strut. Very relaxing... of course, I am paying for being on my feet all day yesterday with very swollen-feeling nether regions today. Ah well.

Big 35w appt tomorrow; I'm anxious because this is the point in my last pregnancy where things took a rapid turn for the worse and I ended up being induced for pre-e at 35+5. I'll be 35+4 tomorrow and I've been having some "warning signs"... hoping for low BP and NO protein in my urine tomorrow... my swelling has been increasing and my BP has been creeping up the past few appts. I'm trying not to think too much about it, but it's hard not to see the similarities to last time!!

In related news, I've now finished all my ritualistic, unnecessary baby prepping activities. By that I mean that I don't feel prepared for a baby to be born around here until the crib is all set up (though out of the last 8 years (and 4 kids) I've owned the thing, it's been slept in more by guests than by my own children). I also need to have the cradle set up and ready (although I will probably use it 10 times before the baby is too big for it... like when babe is ready for bed/nap and the bedsheets are still in the washer, etc. And the nursery has to be ready for a baby even though it is basically just a place to keep the baby's clothing... I have used the changing pad that I must have on top of the dresser probably a total of 15 times EVER, but I don't feel ready for baby if it's not up there, complete with a terry-cloth cover on it. All that stuff is done, plus the real prep stuff: bags are packed, carseat is washed and ready to go, nursing bras bought, bedrail installed (we are cosleepers and the bedrail keeps ME from rolling onto the floor!), newborn clothes and diapers washed and put away!

I am praying for happy news tomorrow, but I'm ready for baby no matter when he decides to show up!
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Originally Posted by SaraMum View Post
Wow those are some great pregnancy photos
aww, thank you!

Originally Posted by To-Fu View Post
No kidding! Totally adorable. I love the way the pink tank makes that sweet baby belly stand out against all the pretty nature backdrops! Lovely.
thank you!! yea, my photographer recommended that i wear a bright tank for that very reason!

feminist - i hope you feel better soon, and i hope your accupuncture appt goes well.

dkenagy - happy belated birthday! and good luck at your appt. hoping that everything is fine!
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Tippy- Those pictures are awesome, you have an adorable belly.

I am going to try to take some belly shots this weekend. A friend of mine wants to take some for me, so if I'm feeling okay, that's the plan.

I did get alot of work done on the nursery, ordered curtains, and today I'm washing clothes. I really want to do so much more but I got really sick yesterday and think I may have caught a virus? Either that or I'm getting ready to go into labor. The latter would be great! I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, and I was dialted a finger tip yesterday, so probably not likely, but we'll see.
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Woot! I feel so happy and relieved to have made it through my 35w appt--my BP was good, swelling is minimal, urine clear, and baby sounded great! I'm keeping an eye on my swelling, taking my BP occasionally, staying off my feet from here on in, keeping my protein and water intake UP!

Yay! I am so looking forward to the next few weeks of this pregnancy.
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