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Originally Posted by Alathia View Post
thank you girlprof! I didn't even think of that. I went this morning to the library and the childrens' librarian was very helpful. She pulled out some K-3rd chapter books and also some 4th-6th chapter books (which we'll probably limit to family reading time, and not alone reading time due to some content matter). But she gave me some other authors to choose from as well, and DS1 was so excited about all the new books to bring home!
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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post
Okay - but doesn't that mean that adult books without pictures aren't allowed either?? It kind of sounds like you have been restricting access to children's chapter books but not adult chapter books.

It sounds like you've successfully found a bunch of appropriate children's books which is great. Happy reading!!

I don't see what's so hard to understand, and I'm sorry to single you out ollyoxenfree but you were the last respondent about this issue. Adult chapter books or books without pictures aren't allowed in their room unsupervised. We don't keep them there, because my youngest destroys books. It doesn't mean OH NOES they aren't allowed any books ever, just not in their room. They are both freely allowed to read books anywhere in the house, but we don't keep the chapter books in their room (they have two designated shelves in the family room). We don't allow them to keep trains in their room either, doesn't mean they aren't allowed to play with trains in any other part of the house. Just not in their room.

and yes, I was glad to be able to find some good books for him at the library too!

MJB - I'm glad to have your understanding, I was a little frustrated as well. Everyone else was comparing their own experiences as a 11 or 12 year old (one posted did mention their seven year old) which I feel is ages different than a four year old reading, you know?
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My son was hyperlexic. He started reading at 2 (documented/tested by docs/professionals.)

I know what you are going through in regards to having an accelerated reader. It's not easy to find books on their reading level that is also on their emotional level.
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Yeah, I can see wanting to restrict some at 5, just because some things may really scare him and give him nightmares if nothing else. I would probably just explain it that way that you want him to wait to read some books because they might scare him. I think some folks worry too much about kids reading books that are "too old" for them, but you sound like you have a healthy perspective. The nice thing is since you are a big reader, you will be able to recommend books to him that you are comfortable with him reading that will hopefully be on the reading level he is looking for.
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