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Originally Posted by Evan&Anna's_Mom View Post
DD came home from playing with her friend yesterday to say that the mom had stopped her to say make sure she told me "thank you" for coming to introduce myself and how nice that was. And the mom changed the rules for her child playing inside our house (previously not allowed since they didn't know us). So now I feel really good about the whole thing.

Well, it sounds like you got the answer that matters most in this specific situation! Your neighbor obviously thought it wasn't rude
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Aw i'm really glad reading your update! It's lovely to have good neighbours and to know them
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Originally Posted by karne View Post
I don't care for unannounced visits, but that's just me. We are usually up to our elbows in something around here (small farm), so I don't have tons of extra time. I probably would have called to say that I'd love to meet face to face and say hello. Of course you need a phone number for that, and I'm not sure OP had that. I think I'm kind of old fashioned in that respect, but I was raised not to go somewhere uninvited, and I still carry that message around with me.
This is how I am as well. I also grew up on a farm, and we just didn't have the time for people to drop by during the day. Now, we had lots of folks during evenings and weekends who would come by and sit on the porch with us. You just didn't want people coming by while you needed to pick 10 rows of squash.

I work from home, which invites people (SAHMs) to drop by unannounced. It drives me bonkers. In the OP's case, sure, I'd say hi & exchange info. I just would be afraid that it would be an invitation for her to stop by anytime during the day. I have some people who do that, and navigating it is difficult. It's not that I don't enjoy their company, but I don't want it while I'm trying to work. I'm also an introvert, so I just don't *need* other people around. I'm fine with my thoughts, and I hate when I get interrupted.
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How is stopping by to say hi and introduce yourself rude? I don't get what your friend is talking about. Sure, if you had expected to come in or leave your daughter there or talk for a long time, I could see where that would be rude, but what you did was very polite, especially since you even had her kid give her a heads up.
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I think it is great you took the iniative to go meet the neighbor. More people should do that. I think that is what responsible parenting looks like. Maybe you will make a new friend!
We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where people stop by all the time without calling or without an invitation and we do the same. We all feel at home with our neighbors. I know that type of neighborhood is not for everyone, though.
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Not rude at all.Good move on your part. It is not like you invited yourself inside her home for hours on end.Now THAT would have been rude.
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post
Semaphore from your porch?
If someone semaphored at me from their porch I would insist that person be my friend
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