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medicaid laws

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i dont know if anyone knows anything about this or not.
i went to the new pedi today and was told i needed to find a new pcp.
fine by me.
anyways they would not let me cross out what i didn't agree with on the vaccine refusal form (the old pedi always let me). so i told them i was not going to sign it then.
thats when they said find a new dr.

someone told me if your child is on medicaid and does not go to well checks that cps can get you for child neglect.
i called to ask medicaid and no one at medicaid can tell me if this is true or not. they tried telling me my child has to have vaccines to go to school blah blah, i informed them of the law and exemptions and kindly explained thats not the issue here.
they are having a supervisor call me back , but
in the mean time does anyone know about the requirements of medicaid in Louisiana?

tia ladies.
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Originally Posted by tammy121 View Post
someone told me if your child is on medicaid and does not go to well checks that cps can get you for child neglect.
This is a concern of mine as well. I stand firm on no vaccines, but I think this is why my daughter has these "wellness" checks every 4 weeks. The doctor always strips her and looks over every millimeter of her body, like she's looking for, or expecting to find, evidence of abuse because we non-vaccinating parents must be abusive. I share the same concern that if we don't keep going to these appointments, CPS will be called. I was told it's "deprivation of medical care." Even if a child isn't sick.

Please share what you find out.
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You may want to look into using a family doctor instead of a pediatrician. We switched and our family doc is more relaxed than most pediatricians.
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I know it can vary from state to state, but we're in Missouri, and I've never encountered any issues from not vaccinating and not doing well child visits when on Medicaid.
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We're in Colorado and I've never had any issues.
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It's a concern of mine here where I live. It's part of why I haven't opted to use medicaid... that and my doctor (who agrees with my philosophies and actually treats me like a person) doesn't accept it. I qualify but I would rather make some effort to pay out of pocket than be forced into vaccines somehow on charges of neglect.
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We have Medicaid, do not vax, and after 6 months only see our doctor annually or as needed. We haven't had a bit of trouble.

I assume you got a list of doctors who accept Medicaid - get it out and look for family practices. Then call them and ask their vaccination policies and how often the expect to see your child. The state has way too much to do to keep track of you - they will only be alerted if someone reports you, and someone will only report you if they think no vaxes and a check up a year are harmful to your child. So obviously you want a doctor who doesn't think that way.

When we were looking I met with the first doc on our list. First he asked what was wrong with my son, why did I bring him in? That was a good sign for me, because it told me he was someone who wanted to see ill/injured people, not healthy ones. He wasn't going to think I was neglecting my kids just because he only saw them once a year. Later, when we were leaving he said "Oh yes, if you want any vaccinations please let us know before the appointment because I don't keep any in the office". Bingo!

I'm thinking more on this, and I've heard these same stories, but does anyone actually know of a real CPS case over vax status alone (with no other neglect or abuse issues, I mean)? I just think maybe this is one of those myths designed to scare people into either vaxing or not using Medicaid.
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I don't vax and DS1 has been on medicaid since they day he was born over 3 yrs ago. AFAIK theres no system to call cps around here if you don't show up for checks... I stopped taking DS1 when he was 9 months old. He didn't see a doc till just about a month or two ago, when I decided to take him to DS2's pedi so they would have him on 'record' as a patient (my old family doc who I took DS1 to and *was* planning on taking DS2 to has since stopped seeing kids till there 7+!!). I need to call up and make another apointment actually for a school physical for him for pre-school (through Head Start - they didn't even blink when I handed over the exemption form .
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i'm in nc and my 13 month old is unvaxed and never been to a wbv. we have medicaid for emergencies only. never gotten contacted by cps or medicaid because of this...i doubt they have time or resources to go through the files of every child on medicaid looking for consistency of dr visits.
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