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Pen Pals?

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I have wanted to have a pen pal for the past couple years, it just sounds like fun to me. But I don't necessarily think I want to have a penpal that I write long letters to and so it occurred to me that maybe I would like to have a pen pal that I sent artwork (like a collage of some kind) to and we went back and forth sending each other a note and some sort of fun decorated piece of mail.

Does anyone know where I could find someone like that or anyone want to do it with me?

My ds is only 14mo but as he gets older I would love for him to have something like that as well - where he could send pictures/paintings/drawings back and forth with a kid in another part of the country or world.
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that sounds super fantastic.. i wish i had time and skillz to offer to do that. you could look at the different swaps people do on craftster.. and, have you seen this movie? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0303348/
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