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Is 24 weeks along, is it too late to consider home birth or to switch midwives? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by *MamaJen* View Post
Even if your insurance doesn't officially cover homebirth, talk to some midwives. I've heard lots of stories of homebirth midwives successfully billing insurance companies for things like prenatal care, which can wind up covering nearly the total midwifery fee.
Yeah that. Some midwives hire billing services, and the insurance companies don't distinguish between home/hospital/bs -- they just see it as a bill from a mw. My mw sends a test bill to see if the insurance will approve prenatal visits, and she said more and more, they do. Worth a try! Good luck!
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I switched from an OB to a midwife at 26 weeks...that's how long it took me to find one. As for the possibility of 45 minutes to the midwife group you're considering, my midwife is 35 minutes away from me in no traffic-her assistant/backup is almost an hour away.

Unless you're grossly uncomfortable with the possibility of it taking that long in traffic, I wouldn't let that alone stop you from seeking out alternative care from where you are currently-it's obvious that you're not as happy there as you know you could be elsewhere, and I think one way or another you should move on from there. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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I switched to a homebirth midwife at 38 weeks pregnant! I only met her once, and it was the best decision I ever made
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I found a midwife at 29 weeks.

It's important that you are happy and comfortable!
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I switched to midwives in my eighth month of my first pregnancy and never looked back. What a blessing from GOD!!!!
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Goodness, if you're talking about the NMPG CNM group, I'd be running the other direction, personally. They have reputation of "finding" things that risk you out of using the tubs, and a high rate of intervention. If you must do a hospital, you really should check out West Suburban in Oak Park and West Sub Midwife group if you're interested in a water birth. Or even UIC/Rush if you have to stay in Chicago. But Prentice... I speak from personal experience with my 1st ds. My little warning voice was screaming at me to switch after the 36-week appt, and the head CNM calling me at work threatening me that they might have to drop me if I kept pursuing our "unreasonable expectations" (such as delayed cord cutting, no AROM, no residents -- all things that she had been telling us were fine up until that point). I will forever regret not switching. My dd's birth was an exceptionally healing UC and my 2nd ds is also being born at home, although this time with a mw. They've prettied Prentice up, but the policies in place are the same old out-of-date, non-evidence-based ones they've always fallen back on mainly to avoid [more] litigation than NMH already deals with.

It is never too late to switch. You don't get a do-over.
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Your experience Skyblufig?

Hello Skyblufig, thanks for your opinion. I am currently seeing the NMPG midwives group. I have had second thoughts about them and have an appointment with the West Suburban Midwife Associates tomorrow for a consultation. Did you have your first, or second with this group? If so, was it a good experience? Is there anything I should know? Also, how is Resurrection?

Thanks for any feedback. I am glad that I'm looking into my options before I get too far along.
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I saw Gayle, Hillary and Julie at West Sub MWs for most of my second pregnancy (up until 28 weeks) before we decided on homebirth. I know Hillary's no longer with them (she does homebirths now) and they have some additional midwives. They were excellent: very open-minded, thorough, caring and flexible. Gayle is the water-birth pioneer in IL. I've heard mixed reviews on West Suburban hospital itself, but I personally have several girlfriends who've delivered in the ABC rooms and have really had satisfying experiences. I'm sure others will chime in, and there's quite a few threads on both the midwife group and the hospital in the IL tribal area. Good luck!
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