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Anteriour Placenta Club???

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I imagine there must be more than just me who aches with jealousy everytime someone mentions feeling kicks on the outside, or DP's feeling baby move... I know it'll come soon enough, but I'd love some commiserating.

I barely even feel kicks on the INSIDE and I'm 20 weeks with my third!!! Seems so strange. Makes me feel a little disconnected. And sad.
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i'm DDCC ..

i am almost 18 weeks with my 3rd and have an anterior placenta.. it sucks! this is my 2nd time too (with the anterior placenta) .. i can barely feel anything - by this point in my last pregnancy i was feeling the baby all.the.time. ..
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I have an anterior placenta too. I'm finally starting to feel the baby move more. I think not feeling her as much has made me a little less excited about the pregnancy than I have been with past pregnancies. I don't think I've bonded quite as much. But I hope to catch up now that I'm feeling more.
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23 weeks with my 4th and this is my first anterior. Soooo different. I feel baby very very low, booting me in the cervix or very high , the sum of the middle motion is swishing and energy-like vibrating. He's gotten the hiccupsa couple of times but has to be positioned 'just-so' for me to really feel the rythm. I'm hoping its true what everyone says that as they get bigger we can feel more. I've only felt from the outside a couple of times and that was very very low. I said to dh last night that 'anterior placentas are boring'. LOL he said 'now you know how I feel every pg' .
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I'm about 21 weeks pregnant with our 6th, and I would like to join, LOL!

After my first pregnancy, I've always felt all the babies very early and often. Not this one...I felt a few flutters early, then near nothing for weeks. It was a little worrisome, though I knew in my head why it was that way..

Just this past week, I can feel the baby throughout the day. In fact, last night was the first night I felt anything with my hand on the outside..however, my husband NEVER would have been patient enough to wait for it to happen again..it was about 3 minutes later.

The movements are getting much stronger, but are nothing compared to what I'm usually feeling at this stage. I totally think we'll catch up, but may never be whacked as hard as with posterior placentas! Maybe we'll be thankful later?
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Yup, this is me too! My u/s at 12 wks showed an anterior placenta but the tech didn't mention what it would mean, and I didn't realize it would get in the way of all the movement. This is my second pregnancy, and even though the first one only went to 22 weeks, I was definitely feeling much more and much stronger movement.

DH did feel the baby kick from the outside for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and has a couple of times since, but that's it. And it's only been in the past few days that I'm feeling movement during the day when I'm out and about. Previously, it would only be during certain periods of the day when I was lying quietly on the couch or in bed.

It is sad, but I take heart that each day I'm feeling a little more and getting closer to the time when he'll be big enough to kick and tap me all the time! And one bonus: he doesn't keep me up at night with his kicks because they're so soft!
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I definitely have an anterior placenta, confirmed about an hour ago by ultrasound. It's ALL anterior. I started guessing as much at about 17 weeks when my midwife had to search high and low for the heartbeat. I'm feeling kicks more regularly now, daily instead of weekly, but nothing at all from the outside.
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i've got one too! it was 20 weeks before i felt anything. she's finding ways to let me know she's in there... namely by kicking my bladder.
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Count me in as well. But both my babies placenta's are anterior. It annoys me cause I think, what are the odds that BOTH would be in the front? I'm just about 20 1/2 weeks and just within the past week began to feel the random kick from the outside. It's strange, it went from feeling little flutters around 13 weeks, to nothing, to the occasional squirmy sensation, to the still occasional squirming, to the now occasional kick(s) that can be felt on the outside.

I'm hoping to feel them both from the outside more frequently now that I've started to feel it just recently.
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Almost 23 weeks and though I'm feeling tons of movement on the inside, I'm eager for it to be recognizable on the outside. Hope it will be soon. I"m certainly getting big enough!
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I'm 24 weeks and have an anterior placenta but am still feeling a lot of kicks and punches. I'm wondering if my placenta moved up since the U/S (which was over a month ago). At first I only felt movements really low or way to the sides, so I knew I had an anterior placenta before the U/S, but it isn't like that anymore.
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count me in!
my son had an anterior placenta too, so i suppose i'm used to it. still long to feel baby more right now though.
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At 22 weeks 5 days I felt the first kicks on the outside. My first pregnancy it was around the same time. This time I not only have an anterior placenta... I have two! LOL one slightly to the right, the other to the left.
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DDCCing here -

I have an anterior placenta (baby #6) but I feel him move every day throughout the day. I was 20 weeks on Monday. It took "longer" - I probably didn't start feeling baby regularly til 16-17 weeks. I've had anterior placentas with 5/6 of my babies though, so it may be I'm just used to it... I haven't felt baby kick on the outside yet, but don't expect to at this point for another month or two.
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Yep, I'm here too! I only just started feeling movement inside a few days ago, at 21 weeks.
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Me too. Both babies' placentas are anterior (though one baby died at about 17 weeks), so I have full coverage. Even so, I've been feeling the baby move quite a bit since about 18 weeks. This week (21 weeks), I've been able to see/feel movement on the outside.

ETA: My last baby's placenta was anterior too! Don't know about baby #1. Maybe that's just how I make 'em.
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LOL Obviously I'm some kind of freak...DS's placenta was mostly anterior (slightly off to my left side) and I was feeling him daily at 14 weeks. This baby's placenta is 100% completely posterior and I didn't feel her at all until 16 weeks and not daily until 18 weeks. Both were felt from the outside by others at 19 weeks and I started both pregnancies at a size 0, so fluff obviously isn't a contributing factor for me. I'm thinking baby girl is just less active than her brother was
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Mine is also anterior and slightly fundal. It's well away from my c/s scar (yay!). But I suspected it was anterior when I only felt baby move down low and on the right side.
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Hooray!! I've felt kicks on the outside on the occasions now, and DH even got to feel it last night! It's still so rare, but I'm so glad it's finally starting.

Anyone else??
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DDC Crashing from September... I've got an anterior placenta as well, 21 weeks and no one has felt movement from the outside, well, DH says he did but I don't think so because *I* didn't feel the "kick" he felt. I just feel the flutters and flips, nothing really strong. This is my first anterior placenta, so it's a big change from my last two. So weird!
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