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LMAO Had my first "about to pop" comment

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I am giggling. My dh and I went out to lunch today. I had to work, so I was dressed up. I had just been talking with my coworkers about how I need to try to dress so I don't look pregnant for my job interview on Friday. My dh had come in and said "you could just wear that, you don't look to bad." I turned sideways and said "uh, only if I could just have her see me from head on." I'm in a black skirt and then a non-maternity shirt. It's one that the front is open...hard to describe. But the under part is black so it really blends and then the top is white and black and sparkly. From the front, I don't really look pregnant but when I turn to the side you can see the big bump.

So, we went over to the restaurant and the hostess (nice older lady) walked us over to our table. She said "Are you going to make it through lunch? You look like you're about ready to have that baby." This struck me as the funniest thing ever. I said "no worries, I still have over 2 months left." She looked really embarrassed and said "I'm so sorry." Then "Is it twins?" Again, I laughed and said "nope, just 1. But it's our 4th." She got even more embarrassed and apologized again. I told her it was fine. I said "I'd rather look obviously pregnant than just fat. " When we left the restaurant she smiled really sheepishly at me and wished us good luck. I gave her a big smile and thanked her.

I kind of feel bad that she's embarrassed. She has no idea how truly hilarious I find it given our present situation and the conversation I'd just had at work. Poor lady probably won't ever comment on another pregnant woman's belly.
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Ha! Too funny! I'm amazed you could be on your 4th and there could be ANY chance you could pass for not preggo.

I'm only on my 2nd and it's been like - oh HECK yeah she's pregnant since about 5 mo!

I got mine the other day too: At a museum this woman said; YOu look like you're due any minute! I said, Nope - not till June. Of course because it was NYC it wasn't like she felt bad about saying something potentially rude or anything ....
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So glad I am not the only one! With my first, I never had that "about to pop" look. Now, I have people shocked that I have until June 17th to go (and, to be honest, I looked at myself tonight and find it hard to believe I have that much time :-).
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Well, I'm kind of big to begin with. I have a big butt/hips/thighs. So I think I can probably pull it off just wearing a tent for a shirt, baggy dress pants, and maybe drinking some milk, snuggling with the cat, and not taking Benadryl so my face is swollen. Today I was wearing a very fitted straight black skirt and it just served to accentuate "Belly".

I had "you're HUGE" comments when I was in my last month with #1. I carried her all in my butt. Then much earlier with ds because I was carrying all in front. A tad later with dd2 because I was carrying mostly in front, but not completely. This time, like I said, I only really look obviously pregnant from the side. Yet another reason I will be floored if this is a girl.
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