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Which Breast Pump to get?

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I know this question has probably been asked a MILLION times in this forum, but unfortunately I don't have the patience to search through all the threads. Plus I know each woman is unique in their needs... Here's what I plan on using the pump for...

I plan on being a stay-at-home mom. I want to get a pump to use so my husband can feed the baby, for when baby goes to visit relatives or friends, and if we want to get away for a weekend and leave the baby with a trusted loved one. So at this time I don't plan on pumping tons and tons of milk, but I do want one that will be easy to use and not take forever to pump.

Which pumps do you recommend I use? I am thinking I'd like an electric pump possibly, but am open to suggestions. My baby's not due until Sept 4, so I have a little time.

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What's your budget? I have a Medela Harmony handpump that works nicely and would be completely adequate for my needs if I was just pumping for my baby for an occasional bottle.

Though that said, I also have a Medela Pump In Style Advanced since I worked FT with my first, and I use it to pump every morning for donation. It's definitely quick and easy. But like 10 times more expensive. If you were actually going to need to pump for 24 hours a day for 2-3 days I would think you'd want something more like this. But, to be honest, I think it's a lot easier to think you're going to pass your baby off before you actually HAVE the baby. I wasn't away from my daughter for more than 10 hours until she was 2 1/2 and can't imagine having a "weekend getaway" with a nursing-age baby...
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pretty much what she said. once you actually have the baby i don't imagine getting away (from the baby) for a weekend would be desirable. that's one of the awesome things about a bf baby is they're so portable. and loads more fun to take places than a pump
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I'd start with a good manual pump and see if you really are using it a lot. They are cheap and work well for most women and are nice to have for engorgement if nothing else as most women can figure out pumping faster than hand expressing.

If you find you want to pump a lot more often and the manual is just too hard on the hand and/or too much time, then look at a good double electric pump. I have both and use both as I wanted the double electric for pumping at work (I work FT) and the manual as a back up when I don't want to take the electric home.
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A good breast pump is one of the few things I tell folks they should spend some money on. I've found that when mamas get pumps that aren't great, it's very hard to pump well, they get discouraged or fed up or thinks it's a problem with their bodies and just quit bf'ing. Manual pumps may work ok for some but I personally only liked using mine when I couldn't plug it in.

Medelas are GREAT. The one I had was electric, battery, and hand pump. That was 8 years ago and so don't remember what the make was, but that Medela was a great one.
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I was very happy with my Ameda Purely Yours. Used it for DD#1 for the year I WOH full-time and then used it as-needed while I was SAHM with her and DD#2. It just broke now that I'm on #3 but I had it for 7 years and a lot of pumping. They are considerably less expensive than Medelas.
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I have a Medela, one side at a time pump. I really like it and rarely use it. I had a manual pump because I thought I wouldn't be pumping often, and I didn't, but I couldn't get it work. The electric/battery one works quite well and I am able to get a bottle of milk or two for the baby, usually the day it's needed. I had a small freezer stash.

I also agree with PP on leaving for the weekend. I can't even fathom leaving my DS for the weekend and he's 2 and not nursing anymore.
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Here's a poll that someone else posted a while ago


Good luck!
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