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Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
THAT is where it's at for images this year for me. mags had little, except phrases. I'm finding a lot on the web though Happy mapping Red
This has been me too!! Lots of phrases which have stuck out or "sung" to me. That's the only way I'm able to describe it. I'm totally wondering how this map will lay out and sooooo excited!!

Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie View Post
Dh is already finished now. His are small and to the point. I do feel like he was much more into it this year though. Last year he just sort of haphazardly put some stuff on a board. This year he was really thinking and looking hard. He even got frustrated a couple of times when he couldn't find what he wanted. But he's done and I took a look at it and it was really cool b/c it turns out that he used several images I almost used. I'm also excited he put so much effort into it this year b/c we have a lot to manifest and bring to fruition. Big plans b/n now and next Aries New Moon. Really big plans.
My DH has a very small but pointed map - he drew all the images himself - that was his intention do it that way. But wow - he's got like 5 -6 things and done and I'm still trying to go through images I'm hoping next year DH will expand this mind to really ask for the things he wants, or even still hope for this year's map for him!

Originally Posted by Bunnyflakes View Post
Okay so I am making good progress. I have a lot done in just a couple of hours.

I did end up picking some pictures from the net. And I including a lot of written phrases of affirmations that I have in one book that I bought a while ago but never really looked at. I wrote them in my own handwriting to make them that much more personal to me.

However, my "Helpful people, angels and travel" block remains empty. Can someone give me some examples of this? There is nothing that I would rather do less than travel, honestly, so that is out
I'm excited about this block - I think it might be my favorite, but if travel is not your thing, then call upon your angels in your life. For example I know the name Marguerite will be in there as she's the angel assigned to watch over our family (long story) especially the boys. I'll probably call up my grandmas too (I know they are around I just haven't felt their presence lately) and affirm the universe will provide me the right helpful people for any situtation I am in.
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This is my 4th (?) TM year, and my eldest dd's 3rd. She is 8 and hers is really big this year! lol I am feeling the energy, too. Off to take advantage of my quiet house.
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Originally Posted by Mamacrys View Post
What a great idea this is

to MDC and to Treasure Mapping! So glad to have you here. I have finally managed to corrupt you sufficiently.

I got a bunch of stuff cut out last night. I'm still missing a few key images and I still need to put it all together. I'll probably have to do that tonight.
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Well, today, after taking a closer look at the map, I feel like I need to add in the following aspects:

* Finances
* Easy, fulfilling jobs
* give myself room and time for creative expression
* Great neighbors!

Once that's addressed - I'm done!
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I've been lurking on the prep thread and here. I think I'm in.

I like the idea of having a focus for myself through the year. Almost like praying visually or laying out a very specific labyrinth to meditate on for the year. I like it!

I'm off today to get supplies for me and the kiddos.

One thing: I have lots of old mags that I can copy from, but I resist buying new ones for several reasons (don't want my dollars going there, don't have many dollars, sooooo wasteful!). Any reason we can't brainstorm our ideas and write them down and then go looking for specific images online and print multiple per page to save paper? We're also going to get out our watercolours!
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subbing to tap into and share awesome energy!

i've totally been in a bubble and intentionally not read anything or talked with anyone yet... but i cant wait to come share!

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Got goosebumps as I researched my TM theme-the chakras (they speak to me more than Feng Shui does)

Supplies set (although very few mags called to me, I got 3)

T-minus 5 minutes and counting till the 3 year old goes down for a nap!

So excited I may cry...
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I finished mine!!!!! So excited. This one is not as pretty as last years, but I decided to focus on a few things instead of everything under the sun


(i *just* finished it )
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BelovedK, Love your board!!! I have not been on MDC for a while, but very happy to be back. I may be mistaken, but were you not the one who started the Sunday Coffee threads? I remember years ago, it seems, those threads..

I am very happy to be back on the wagon for my map this year. It will be the first year with DD, 5yrs. I am still trying to get JB (partner) to do one.

We did not start one yesterday, it was a hectic day and I was out traveling ALL DAY. However, A (dd) and I are ready to start ours today. We came here to see what others have done. I was very pleased to find that some ppl have completed their maps already and even more so pleased to find I am not the only one who has not done hers yet, lol.

I did my first map a few years ago, it was AMAZING to look over my map a year later are realize just how many things I manifested! It was a beautiful feeling.

This year is a bit harder. I have not done one for the past two years. I have been going through an EXTREMELY rough 'mothering' time. {some know what I mean}. I am ready to make my dreams come true this year!

Today is a bitter sweet day to start my mapping! Today is the anniversary of my father's passing, 14 years ago of complications due to cancer.

The kids do not have school tomorrow and I am uber excited to get my 14yr old son to do one as well as JB!!! I think it would be healthy for our entire family for each of us to complete our own maps!!!

Oh and btw, for anyone who is still gathering supplies such as magazines.... try your local library! Ours has a huge bin that is always full of magazines for free that other patrons have donated. We picked up a few from there this week! Even kid magazines

We will be back to this thread during the construction of our boards and after completion to post photos!!! So exciting!
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Oh, Goody! My favorite part, when folks start sharing their TM's!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing, BelovedK
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Originally Posted by Tummy View Post
I may be mistaken, but were you not the one who started the Sunday Coffee threads? I remember years ago, it seems, those threads..

Yes, that's me I did the Sunday coffee klatches until I got married and my DH gave me a hard time for being on the puter so long on Sunday mornings

My condolences about your dad I can't even imaging how that will be
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Yes, I thought that was you... well, You should start them again, I just might have to put you on my map w/ coffee this year,

Thank you for your kind words. As time goes by, it truly does get easier, but never changes the feeling of loss.
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Originally Posted by BelovedK View Post
I finished mine!!!!! So excited. This one is not as pretty as last years, but I decided to focus on a few things instead of everything under the sun


(i *just* finished it )
Yes. Beautiful. I looked at it and thought "Yes." I hope I look at mine, when it's done, with that satisfied "Yes"

Originally Posted by beemama View Post
Oh, Goody! My favorite part, when folks start sharing their TM's!!
I know, right? They are always ALL so beautiful. I made the background for mine today. I still am cutting out a ton of stuff, and will have to wait to weed and place, because we have a birthday party to go to this afternoon. Gar, why do things have to keep getting in the way of my mapping?
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Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
Happy mapping Red
Thanks Cari Same to you.

I am not even close to being done Too much going on around me that needs to be done. I am going to sit a this computer and work on it tonight. I hope to make some more progress.
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BelovedK, we used some of the same magazines!!!!!
Very inspiring
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I am hoping to get going on mine tonight! I had such a bad experience yesterday. My DD is sick. Yesterday I took her to a walk in place since her Ped. office was closed for the day. The Dr. at the walk in clinic was totally rude and unhelpful. I told him that DD was having a fever and complaining of pain in her ears. He diagnosed her with pink eye (which took about 5 seconds and I already knew) and then barely looked in her ears and told me she didn't have an ear infection. Then he wouldn't take my insurance and made me pay the whole fee upfront for a 1 minute evaluation. Then last night I was up all night with DD. She was crying and screaming from her ear pain. So first thing this morning I took her to her Ped. office and he said she has a raging ear infection and now she is on antibiotics and has numbing ear drops. I feel like I am not in a good place mentally right now. My divorce class is tonight (with STBX) and it is 4 hours long. I am going on about 4 hours of sleep and am upset about what happened yesterday and am worried about my DD. Plus I am getting behind on my school work.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how I can get back into a good mindset for the TM? It stinks because I have been waiting for TM time and have been so excited and then the last couple days have just been so stressful.
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once your kids are in bed tonight, take a hot bath, light some candles and try to 'give the energy back' to the earth, and let Mother Earth help you his the 'refresh' button.

Then, when you're finished, write a letter to that ugly doctor and get something from your doc stating dd's raging ear infection was very much real.
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Love your map BelovedK :

I've painted my backdrop and written a journal entry of my year, I have lots of images and words cut out and when my painting dries I am going to layer these over the top. The energy while I was painting was amazing, I know my dreams are imbued in my work. Ds2 was singing and playful while we cut pictures in the sunsine this afternoon and I feel that energy in my images. :
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I am going to file a formal complaint (and letter) to the hospital that the Dr. is affiliated with and ask for an apology to myself and DD, as well as my money back. There is just no excuse for such horrible bed side manner and negligent behavior.

It is weird though. Soon after I wrote my last post in here it is like I got this incredible rush of energy and I feel totally revitalized and excited. Maybe I got some of everyone's energy and good vibes. Now I know what I want to do for my TM. It just came to me and I think it is going to turn out great. I have decided to do a bunch of different digital TMs that will all go together in an album. I want to do the different chakras which I have never done before. I am excited!

Both of my DDs are laying down watching tv so I am going to get a start while I can!
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that's great!

I've been slowly working on mine as well.
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