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Soooooooooo tired!

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Does anyone feel like they are dragging themselves around all day? This week I've been feeling so exhausted! Just getting really basic stuff done feels like it takes so much effort. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping so I go to bed earlier but I'm up every hour or two to use the toilet and switch sides and don't always fall back asleep very quickly.

I feel like I'm doing o.k. if I can keep up on dishes and laundry... sometimes keeping the house clean is a challenge, my son feels so messy all of a sudden! I've been plopping in front of the t.v. around 2 and barely moving until 5. I feel like I'm back in my 1st trimester but without the nausea thank goodness!
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How's your iron? I am exhausted too but it is a combination of lack of sleep and anemia kicking my butt!! Floradix helps a lot when I can get it down. Being sick didn't allow me to for over a week and I really felt it...I still haven't recovered!
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Yeah, I'm curious to see. Do you think it's o.k. to take an extra iron supplement without being checked? I don't want to pay for yet another lab!
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I don't think extra iron will hurt you. Especially if you're able to take something like Floradix. I still haven't found anywhere around here to get it, so I'm just taking iron supplements. blech

I am dragging, too. I had my iron checked and it was at the very bottom of "normal". I'm weaned off my meds, which are a stimulant, last week. I figure that has a lot to do with it, too. And the up every hour to pee...annoying and not good for my energy level.
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The last few weeks I've noticed more exhaustion during the day. All of the sudden I'll get soooo tired and have to lay down for a bit. I'm slightly anemic also, so that may have a lot to do with it. I'm getting up twice a night to pee now too
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I get my iron checked at our next visit. My midwife told me that I looked a little anemic, but I am white as a vampire anyways. lol She told me about liquid chlorophyll it is close to human blood she said it is great for Iron. I found it at the health food store they only had spearmint in stock. I put in my glass of OJ tastes pretty good.
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I was feeling more exhausted a few weeks ago and my iron was a tad low (10.9, when it should be 11.2+), and it does seem to be helping (when I remember to take it). I found one that is only 25mg per dose, and it's supposed to be highly absorbable. I try to take it 3 times a day.

I'm also getting next to nothing done around the house. I do half the dishes, and then more pile up. Then I do a load of laundry and it sits in the washer or dryer for a day or two. I feel like all I do is prepare food, eat, drink, pee, blow my nose, and then I'm getting hungry again, so then I do it all over again. Went out w/some ladies in my local moms group for pedicures today. DH doesn't seem to mind that I'm not getting much done. He points to my belly and says "You're working hard enough!" I love it!
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I've been feeling exhausted the past couple of weeks myself. I was starting to wonder if I had missed my "nesting" stage. LOL I can barely stay awake by the afternoon. And I've been wanting to go to bed by 10pm if not earlier. I'm normally anemic when I am not pregnant and it usually goes away while pregnant (at least it did with my girls, but I also ate a ton of red meat), so I am wondering if my anemia is back. I will probably add my iron supplement back to my vitamins and see if that helps.
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Oh yeah. :yawning Its been really bad the past week or so. It started probably RIGHT when I "entered" the 3rd trimester. Wednesday is always a long day for our family, and then I work out of the house on Thursday and Friday... so I'm just soooooo tired.

I told DH I'm TIRED of being TIRED.

I even tried to rest yesterday afternoon, just did one load of laundry, and then rested on the couch before DD came home from school - but I was still exhausted by nighttime and am pretty sleepy today.

I had my 2nd iron level drawn Monday, I think the office would have called by now if it was low. I think I'm just tired from LIFE and probably not getting enough sleep.

I keep getting this response when I tell people I'm tired, they say "oh, just wait till the baby comes". Yeah, I know I'll be tired then... but it will be a different sort of exciting tired.

I just want to stay in comfy clothes and sleep! I'm starting to wonder about this working out of the house stuff right up UNTIL (which I planned on doing)...
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I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I barely get anything done either. I sit and read and watch tv most of the day. I almost always need an afternoon nap too.But the last several nights I have not been sleeping hardly at all. I'm so exhausted and then I lay there and get so angry that I can't sleep! I tried a Benadryl last night, but that didn't seem to help and I don't want to take one every night.

What should I do different? Anything besides try to exercise? I didn't take a nap yesterday which I thought would help me sleep last night. No luck.
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I've been exhausted through my whole pregnancy, even though I've been getting lots of sleep. I'm slightly anemic, which is part of the problem, but I've been eating more red meat and taking supplements, and I'm still tired. All my other tests show that I'm having a healthy, normal pregnancy, so I've come to the conclusion that tiredness is just part of pregnancy for me.
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