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Good Summer Wrap or Sling?

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Hey mamas, I'm due next month and am trying to find a good wrap or sling for the Summer that will not make me want to die wearing it outside in the heat. I am a big outdoorsy girl and I want to be able to wear my baby outside without dripping sweat... any ideas? I have the original maya sling wrap and a mei tai. I feel like I would be hot in both of them thoughas far as outside summer wear goes... any recommendations?
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a mei tai, ringsling, or pouch will probably be your best bet for wearing a tiny baby in the summer
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We used a ring sling in a linenish material while living in Costa Rica - never had a problem with being overally warm.
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My Maya Wrap - no padding- is nice and airy. I also made a silk sling that gets great air flow. Just dupioni silk- no padding either. My moby makes me and dd (5 weeks) hot. She actually got heat rash while in it.
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You could get a gauze wrap like the Gypsy Mama wraps. Also, Gypsy Mama and Taylor Made have water wraps as well. I don't know if they'd be soft enough, but it might be worth looking into.

Or consider using a ring sling.

I really loved the jacquard-weave Didymos, like the waves and ellipses, for summer as well.
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