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Okay, I admit I can't really grasp what you're getting at here. Are you saying I'm actively weaning by having refused my 4 year old at the times when I have to nurse the other two, for example? I only have 2 boobs. I may not be following a strict definition of CLW, but I just don't understand how it's possible to follow true CLW'ing 100% all the time when you have multiple nurslings. I mean, sure, maybe I could have done it if I still just had two nursing, but three+? That's what I'm saying, I don't think it's really "CLW" at this point but more "natural" weaning because once there are more nurslings than boobs, you just have to do your best to go with the flow and I'm not refusing by choice, but out of necessity.
No, I was trying to get across that "Don't Offer, Don't Refuse" is a weaning technique... for YOUNGER nurslings. IMO, as children get older, though, you can put them off more and not offer as much (or ever, depending on their personality) and still be CLW. I think that with multiple nurslings, it is also clear to the kids themselves why they are being denied and, therefore, clear when they can nurse later (if you don't have it spelled out). I know with DD there were times that she would be put off multiple times in one day BUT she always knew there would be time for her to nurse before bed.

I obviously did a POOR job of responding to you before. What I was *trying* to say is that basically everyone, even the most devoted CLWing advocate is going to come to a point with an older nurssling that they at least need to postpone nursing. Just because you have done that (even often) does not, IMO, mean that you are not CLW. You should like you're doing a GREAT job and I didn't want you belitting your effort or your accomplishment in any way.