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Amazing update on ds!

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So, some of you might remember all the issues we've been having with ds, especially regarding school. It's been close to hell these past few months. He's been in trouble constantly, wouldn't do any work at all, was becoming more and more violent/aggressive with his aide and teachers, would refuse to even sit at the desk- he would roll around on the floor, throw things off shelves, etc. He was getting sent to the principals office quite a bit (because they didn't know what else to do with him). We were lucky if he had one good day a week, but most of the time we didn't even have 1 good day each week. It was pretty bad

On Friday it will be 3 weeks since ds had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. They were way enlarged (always have been) and he had obstructive sleep apnea. He was waking up nearly every single night (sometimes more than once) and needing me to put him back to sleep. He wasn't sleeping soundly at all (he couldn't sleep at all on his back and often stopped breathing in the middle of the night so startled himself awake). The change in Owen in the last 2 weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. He had the surgery on March 26th. He was still waking every night (in pain so we had to keep up pain meds every 4 hours) until April 3rd. Since then he's not woken up at night AT ALL! He's sleeping completely through the night. He's sleeping on his back and breathing perfectly fine! The difference this has made in his daytime behavior is amazing. DS went back to school last monday (the 5th). Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough (BUT he had been out of school for 10 days, any child will have a hard time adjusting). But since then he's had PERFECT days! Every day! Not any issues at all. NO aggression or violence AT ALL! He's done all his work the first time he was asked! Today is the 6th school day in a row that he's had perfect days! I am so freaking amazed! I don't think he's ever had 6 days in a row (8 if you count the weekend) where he actually did great! I'm knocking on wood now and hoping this continues

His attitude has improved SO MUCH. He used to just cry and scream and say he hates school, he doesn't want to go to school, etc. Now he's excited to go to school. When I drop him off he tells me he's going to have a great day. Before I would tell him to have a great day and he'd yell at me "NO I WILL NOT HAVE A GREAT DAY". I really cannot believe how much he has improved in the past couple weeks. He's talking a lot more. He's willing to try new foods (kinda, he's snake-tested a couple new foods). He's interacting with dp and myself a lot more. It's just been a total transformation for him. Despite the tough recovery (he spent 3 days in the hospital hooked up to an IV with fluids and morphine ) I would make the same decision again in an instant if I had to, knowing what I know now.
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Wow, that's fantastic!
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How great for him! It is amazing to hear of the stories of how deeply sleep, or lack of/interrupted sleep can affect our kids. You must be so happy. Plus, all of the positives of these 6 days in school will give him something wonderful to build on.
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I've been following your posts and I am sooo happy things are falling into place for your family!
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That's wonderful!
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Within the last two months I saw an interview with a local Doctor about a sleep study for kids. She was talking about the correlation between sleep apnea and behavioral/adhd/add kids. I believer this is the study she was talking about.

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Thanks everyone! We were also able to bring Owen to Mammoth Cave on Sunday and take a tour (which was really cool but it is pretty dark, has water dripping down from the ceiling, kinda creepy, etc.... child freak out central!) and he did GREAT! He was able to voice his concerns ("what if I'm hungry and there's no food... what if I have to poop and there's no potty.... what if it's really dark and I get lost..." etc) and we talked them through. By the time we made it to the cave (about 2 1/2 hours away) he was totally fine and did great on the 2 hour long tour!

Originally Posted by KatWrangler View Post
Within the last two months I saw an interview with a local Doctor about a sleep study for kids. She was talking about the correlation between sleep apnea and behavioral/adhd/add kids. I believer this is the study she was talking about.

After watching ds the past few weeks, I'd believe this! And if you think about it, it makes sense. DS wasn't getting good, restful sleep. He was stopping breathing, which I'm sure cause a lack of oxygen All of that is going to affect behavior. On the nights I'm restless and don't get good sleep I sure as heck am cranky the next day!

And now a great side effect for me is that after 6 1/2 years of night-waking.... I'm finally able to sleep through the night! Now *I'm* sleeping really restless, but I think I might start taking melatonin or something to help with that since ds is sleeping through the night now. I darn well better not get pregnant anytime soon.... I want my sleep
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Yay!!! Love to read good news!
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Wow that is incredible. I am so happy for you and for Owen.

Sure does make me think though. My 3.5 year old has huge tonsils, has been sick all winter, and has never slept through the night in his life. I wonder if we should look into this.
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Yeah!! It's amazing what a difference sleep will make. I'm so glad things are looking up.
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Did anyone else here notice that Steph mentioned getting pregnant?

SO cool that Owen is doing so well! Sleep is such a critical piece!
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I'm so happy for you and Owen!
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That is wonderful! Glad he is feeling more comfortable, and glad for you that this has meant some relief all around.
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YAY! That's wonderful news!!
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Originally Posted by bdavis337 View Post
Did anyone else here notice that Steph mentioned getting pregnant?
Haha.... not anytime soon, I hope But actually getting sleep the last couple weeks makes me a little more likely to consider it. Then again... I am kinda liking this sleep thing! A newborn would disturb that
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I totally know what you are talking about. We starting seeing the first behavioral issues with DS1 about the age of 4, when he was giving up his naps. We went to our Ped, we followed the advice of put him in an activity one night a week and bed an hour earlier...about 4 months later still no change. We again went to the Ped, this time they recommended Counseling...due to pregnancy and how hard it is to get in where I live with kids and our insurance, it took almost a year...4-5 month after starting counseling, we were still having major issues....called the Ped and put our foot down. We had figured out almost a year prior that we suspected he had sleep apnea. It runs in DH's family - FIL is on a CPAP for it, DH should get tested but wont....but DS1 snored almost all the time, was always tired looking, had ADHD like symptoms at times - mostly the hyperactive as he could stick with a project for extended time; he was oppositional defiant....

Every board I was a member of, kept telling me it was bad parenting and that there was nothing physically wrong with my child that someone else having custody wouldn't cure....Final straw was when I was having DD2, she as an emergent c/s, so I ended up with a few nights in the hospital, the friend who watched the kids was in his 4th year Med School, and DS1's snoring and snorting and gasping to get his breathing going again kept waking up our friend all night long.

After all was said and done, with the last straw for us being Dec. 2008, I called the Ped and threatened to go to the Medical Board, but was told by the nurse it was all bad parenting. I told them they were fired, and would be filing a complaint for failure to treat/diagnose. Our Ped personally called us, and had the orders faxed the next morning. Guess what....Sleep Apnea was diagnosed along with enlarged adnoids.

We are now trying to get scheduled for the surgery. Last summer did not work out, because the ENT only did surgery at the day/time I had DS2 in his speech therapy and we were trying to not miss any since his therapist was having a baby and would have an extended break once the baby was born till a new therapist could be assigned.

I am going to get the surgery set up for this Summer, maybe right after school gets out.

BTW - I have also read that many parents experience a sudden growth spurt in the child in the first 1-2 months after the surgery...
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So glad for all the recent successes! That is wonderful!! I also had a friend whose son had T & A removed. Despite lots of complications (he was in hospital off and on for a month and ended up having 3 surgeries and a blood transfusion ) she would do it again because of the improvements.

My youngest DS had some apneas during his sleep study, but not severe enough to warrant any type of treatment (told to wait and redo study every year or so). His is a structural issue so T & A out would not help, but he is the most "ADHD" of my kids and wakes often. I wonder how much that plays into his behavior. The strucural issue could be helped, but would make future surgeries that we know he will need much more difficult and less cosmetically good due to scar tissue and that it will stop midface facial growth for him (which is already an issue because of his genetic condition). Our surgeon has told us that ideally we should hold off on anything until he is a teenager unless the breathing gets too bad.
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I was just thinking of you and Owen and wondering how things were going. I'm soooo glad that the surgery helped and things have improved. It's amazing what the connection is to sleep but then again, it kind of isn't I know when I am tired I have a harder time coping with things in general. I can't imagine what it must feel like to be sleep deprived for years. I think that would make anyone aggressive and unhappy.
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I've been following your posts, too, and I'm very, very happy for you & Owen.

LOL at not wanting to get pg again now...that's been my (successful) New Year's resolution for 2008, 2009 & 2010!
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Ooh, let's all stalk Steph now and see when she gets pregnant

I'm SO happy for you that he's sleeping, and that it's having a positive effect on everything else!!!!!
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