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who is waiting to test?

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who else is anxiously waiting to test? I sure am ... and I'm only 6dpo. I've been trying to wait til at least 10dpo, but geez, I'm such a POAS addict. Is anyone in about the same place and wanting to be testing buddies?
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I am at 5 DPO and this is the longest TWW ever!
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Originally Posted by nintendork View Post
I am at 5 DPO and this is the longest TWW ever!
It is feeling pretty long to me, though it's my first cycle TTC
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This is my last before I have to take a month off of Clomid. I hate waiting!
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Yeah... I am 7 DPO and not even waiting to test! I just use ICs to minimize the guilt.
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I am waiting. I am 10DPO today, going to test on Sunday probably.
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I don't really chart so I don't know how far DPO I am...but I'm supposed to start next week so I'm waiting until then
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I'm 3dpo. It is super boring. I'd love to hang out with you all until it's testing time! I will try my best to wait until 10dpo, but I'm not making any promises...
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i'm just waiting on the ups guy with my strips : he should be here tomorrow around 1:30pm
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I'm somewhere between maybe 7 and 11 dpo, not sure when I ovulated. I POAS every morning just 'cause I can

I'm not hopeful for a bfp for at least another few days, though, and have no idea when to expect AF. weird post m/c cycles

I'll join ya!
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Yeah, I've been POAS every morning, but I don't expect anything for a bit. I'm only 8dpo.
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I so know this feeling, i'm currently only on cd 4 so got a a while yet before i'm at this stage but i have hpt's upstairs and know once i get to the xdpo i won't be able to resist long.
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ugh... i'm joining too. i'm 7dpo. and so far they have been seven VERY slow days. some months the wait is not this bad but THIS month is in slow motion.

I don't test until after 18 dpo (which I have yet to get to but you know what i mean) but i am desperately waiting to kNOW!!

and to all you ladies!
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I think I'm 4-6dpo... I don't start testing until at least 9dpo. So still a while to go yet.
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I'm 8DPO, and will wait until mid-next-week, if I haven't spotted yet. I'll often start spotting at 10DPO, even with a 14 day LP.

It actually HELPS me to not have any ICs around- I'll wait longer, because I know I only have 3 tests in the house, and will have to go spend more money if they're BFNs. I'm cheap like that
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I think I am around 8dpo? Not sure. We only DTD once so I am not really hopeful. I have decided to limit myself to the 3 tests I have on hand.

But, I will say this will be #2. With the first, I tested every.single.day for over a week after the first little hint of a line. I have a picture somewhere I could not wait, and I could not believe it. And I am an engineer so I needed a ton of data!

Good luck!
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there is usually an obsess and test thread that's ongoing in this MDC section trying to concieve. If you look back a handfull of pages you should find it. Not sure why no one has been posting there lately. There is usually tons of posts there. All you have to do is post there and it should bring it right to the top of todays page. Sounds like that might be fun for all you guys!
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I got AF today Here's hoping next month!
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ok I posted there to bring it current for you ladies- enjoy!
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If I really did O, I would be 2-3 DPO. I am hoping to have caught my first PP egg. I had all of my normal symptoms. Cramps and a ton of ewcm.. We only dtd once. The day before but they say that the swimmers live for 5-7 days. Who knows??
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