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ISO Dentist Recs - Bergen County

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We just moved to Bergen County a few months ago and found a great pediatrician (Dr. Larry Rosen) but are still on the lookout for a good pediatric or family dentist. I am also looking for a primary care doctor for myself and would really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance!
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We all use the same dentist. Dr. Lota of Chestnut Ridge Dental. (http://chestnutridgedental.com/). My kids love him. Plus, he never gives me a hard time when I turn down sealants for my kids teeth.
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Not sure where you are in Bergen County but I used a pediatric orthodontist in Oradell and they do have a pediatric dentist on staff there. While I never met the pediatric dentist, the orthodontist was great, office staff were very nice, and the office itself is very kid friendly.

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