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Originally Posted by sunflower.mama View Post
So is something like dreft a no no? I bought some to wash the baby's clothes in, as I have done for my other babies...I usually do their stuff separately for the first couple of months (not even sure why) and perhaps I will return it if I can't use it for CDs. I don't need 3 kinds of detergent on my shelf!
I thought dreft had a softening agent in the detergent similar to fabric softner?

I always just used All free and clear and would adjust the amt for CD. I never had a problem but then again I really think it depends on what type of water you have soft/hard/well. Rinse cycles are really important as well. I always did it on the hottest setting possible ( i actually adjusted our water heater so that the sanitary cycle was fairly hot) and would rinse pretty well.
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Country Savers

For all of you Country Save users:

How much do you use?
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I use and always recommend Country Save. If you have questions about the specific detergent you are using, the Real Diaper Industry Association, has a great detergent determinator that you can check out here: http://detergent.realdiaperindustry.org/

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Originally Posted by iowaherper View Post
For all of you Country Save users:

How much do you use?
1 Tbsp for front loader (that's 1/2 of the included green scooper)

or a full scoop/2 Tbsp for top loader.
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I used Charlie's, but I've wanted to try Country Save because I've heard so many good things about it.

You can buy Country Save on Amazon at a pretty good price, if you need 4 boxes LOL.
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Been using Tide for over 9 years of diaper-washing, through 4 kiddos, and never had a problem with stink, build-up, rashes, or anything else
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I am not currently diapering, but I did cloth diaper all three of mine, over a period of 5 1/2 years. Anyway, I tried a lot of detergents. What I believe is that the conventional detergents seemed to work better, in the long term, than the more "natural" ones the websites always seem to recommend.

I used these successfully:
all free and clear
cheer free
the BJs brand
Era Plus
the Costco brand
and a few others.

The Tide didn't work for us, though. It gave DD1 a rash like she had been burned.

It seems to me, though, that every time I hear about somebody having issues with stink or rash or buildup or repelling, it's always a "natural" detergent, one of the ones the cloth diaper sites recommend, but I only rarely hear about people using the conventional detergents having these problems. I myself cloth diapers for all that time, and for awhile with three kids at once, and never had any issues with stink at all. I never had repelling, except once when we had an unfortunate incident with my fleece pockets and Destitin, courtesy of MIL. I only had a few rash incidents, that we traced to other causes.

I also think that you're not going to do any permanent damage to the diapers no matter what you use, so it's worth buying small quantities of different ones and trying them out, keeping in mind that sometimes problems take time to develop, because of buildup.
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I use Tide or Ecos and have had good results with both. I have no idea why most cloth diapering sites are against Tide. I've found it to be one of the best. No rashes or stinky diaper issues.
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Allens Naturally. Works great for us.
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