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Joining you mamas!

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I don't know whether to put a or a next to my thread title... it's sort of a mix of both.

Just thought I would introduce myself... I'm a mama to two daughters and a son and a registered midwife. Here's a link to my post in Parents as Partners, for some background info. If you have time to read it, any info or suggestions would be heartily appreciated.

Look forward to sharing and learning with all of you.
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I read your posts and want to offer It can be hard to ask for or accept help from others, but I hope you get all the support you can through this painful transition safe & sound. There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm new here too, and wish I had more time to read and post, because what I've read so far has been a HUGE help to me.

Best wishes to you.
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Hi beautiful mama. It is time. You have known for years his behaviours weren't ok. No amount of stress makes it ok to do the things he has done. I'm sad to hear you making excuses for his actions because there is never a reason and because i can hear the compassion you have, the love deep within where you hope and pray that this is just a phase and he will change for the better. He won't. Ever. No amount of counseling will shift it. With what you describe i would be certain he will continue to rage, beg, threaten suicide, as he continues through the range of emotions associated with a partner leaving. I recommend keeping yourself and your babies safe during the initial breakup process but it will be hard for awhile. Especially with a man like him. Hold your ground, get a lot of support and once you get through the breakup you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your life will get so much better and one day your babes will thank you for not allowing them to be raised in that kind of environment. Many blessings
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I'm really glad to see you here.
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I am glad you are here...how are things going?
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