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moby wrap is making me feel demented

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It seemed so simple before I had an actual baby to try to get into it

anybody else find this mass of fabric to be incredibly annoying and impossible to master and/or have some trick to stuffing an 11lb baby into it.
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Practice! I commented on your FB a little bit but NAKing so it's hard.

srunch the shoulder area a bit, and make sure you wrap it around you snugly as you're comfortable. It stretches, A LOT!
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I've never had a proper Moby, but do have another wrap (a hemp jersey wrap I made myself ).. and yeah.. it can completely be intimidating at first because of all that long, crazy fabric! But with some practice, you'll breeze through it and it will be amazing!! Keep at it!! (and if you still need help, there are plenty of 'helpers' here!)
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I did manage to figure it out. It only took me 3 weeks! kind of...
I just stopped trying to get my 11lb son's feet to stay tucked inside like the "newborn" instructions show.
We just went for our first walk in it and it is SO much more comfy/balanced feeling than the sling.
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I should break out my wrap and figure it out, again. I haven't used it since DD, so it's been like 4 years. My sling throws my body out of whack, though...

A friend offered me her mei tai, but I don' t know when I'll see her again to get it...
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Ya know, I LOVED my Moby with DS1. I figured it'd be great for DS2. Wrong! I HATE it this time. I don't know why. I know how to use it, but it seems so uncomfortable. I'm actually giving it away. I'm using my BabyHawk mei tai ALL THE TIME now. (DS2 is 2.5 weeks).
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first of all i love ur thread title . i loooved my moby with ds1 but with ds2, meh. and i can't use the ergo with any efficiency with him sportin' a front carry. i keep hearing about these mei teis tho and i find myslf wanting one lol. gonna go to a babywearing meeting n try it out i think
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I really should try and bust out the mei tai... I haven't even tried it with Hazel yet! I've only used the pouch, ring sling and wrap! .. But all this happy mei tai talk has me thinking I need to find that silly thing (funny thing.. the last time it was used was on the day I started to go into labor! We were on a walk and dh had dd3 in it!)...
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I love my moby, DS is asleep in it as I type. We utilize all of our carriers, I love the mei tai for tossing Bram on my back and going.
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I have one and ds is one month and I have yet to use it! Partially cause I am still recovering form c section. but dh tried it twice and baby was not happy. I keep meaning to try it now but I pick it up and just feel overwhelmed! I think we will use it eventually.
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I couldn't live without my wrap. Norah loves it. I don't wear it at home though because I really don't want her to want to be in it all day long but if I go anywhere even visiting at relatives I will put her in it. This week I finally learned how to breastfeed in it which is a little strange because of the angle on my nipples but I am thankful for it anyways. I have a mei tai which I will try when Norah is older.
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I just did the moby wrap tonight and it worked ok- now dh has him in it, this thread inspired me to go for it
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i broke out my stretchy wrap b/c of this thread... LOL Haven't used it since DD, but Avery's sleeping in it right now. I wish it was prettier though... it's just boring navy blue

http://www.facebook.com/Juvysen?v=wa...062&id=8118990 WOOT!
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I like the wrap but I lOVE the Mei Tai!! I think I am a seasoned baby wearer and this is my favorite by far!
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Can someone help you put it on. My first time was hard. Dh helped me get it down. They are tight after being washed. It really does get easier. I can do it the car, now. That took me a year.
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I really wanted to use and love my Moby for this baby, but it always makes me feel like I'm wearing a giant blanket. I've worn it a couple of times around the house, but I think it's time to just give it up...I'm just not a wrap person. I typically use SSC's, but I haven't for this baby yet. So far I've been pretty happy with my ring sling, which is a little odd for me, but since all is good, I'll stick with it for a bit.

I also thought I'd use my Moby to wear my baby and my toddler, but I haven't tried it yet. I have used the RS w/the baby in front and a SSC with my toddler on my back. It worked better than I thought it would, but it's not something I should be doing while recovering from a c-section.
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For those who are loving the wraps... what carries are you using? I've really only worked on/mastered the Kangaroo carry/hold ... even though on that instructional thing they have you holding onto your baby to wrap up... I put the wrap on first, then put baby in later...

I would LOVE to work on a back carry, but only think of it when dh isn't here.. and I don't think I could manage alone... but wow, I think I could actually get some sewing done and/or a bit more around the house with a back carry...
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I think I'm using the hug carry... but I haven't gotten much of a chance to try anything else yet...
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I've tried it with both my kids and it just seems like way too much effort so I'm giving it to my SIL. Love my Becos and mei tai. There is no one carrier that works for everyone and life with a new baby is way too stressful to keep trying to make the moby work.
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So... um... can you do a rucksack carry w/a stretchy wrap?

http://www.wrapyourbaby.com/rucksack.htm I wanna try it, but they did it w/a woven... maybe I should just break down and get a woven wrap....
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