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A super simple receiving blanket idea

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This seems really obvious so sorry if it's already been talked about, but my midwife has been a midwife for 30 years and never thought of it so thought I'd share!

On the check-off list for supplies to have on hand for my HB she asked for a whole ton of receiving blankets. Well I went to get some and had an attack of frugality. I just couldn't pay $3 a pop! So I went to goodwill and found a couple really nice quality old flannel sheets. I bought one "real" receiveing blanket there also and used that as a template for cutting the sheet up into many many receiving blankets! So it was like 15 blankets for $4!

I'm cloth diapering, so when the receiving blankets no longer fit, I just cut them up even smaller and sewed them into umteenbillion cloth wipes! The green in me did a little happy dance

Just thought I'd share
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I am looking for receiving blankets too.

What kind of sheets do you mean? Purely cotton? I think of receiving blankets as somewhat absorbent, generally made from a flannelette. We used them for catching spit up or breast milk leaks...wet stuff. I can't imagine a sheet being very soft, warm or absorbent. Or did you buy flannel sheets?
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Oh yes, flannel. sorry, though I wrote that, I'll have to go edit - it's definitely important they be flannel. They were some nice cushy flannel ones, all cotton
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I was going to go that route, but I couldn't find any second-hand flannel sheets.
I got flannel from the clearance table at the fabric store, instead.
I took the leftovers after making receiving blankets, and turned them into cloth wipes, so I didn't have any scraps to throw away.

When I'm done with the blankets, I'll probably use the flannel to make more diapers, or to make cloth training pants or something.
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You mamas are inspiring!
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That's a great idea. I was supposed to have 6, and had 3 left from Ds. I lucked out because my college was giving away used clothes to the student mothers and I found 3 more receiving blankets.
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My favourite receiving blankets are ones my aunt made herself. They are doubled (two pieces of flannel sewn together) and are bigger then a regular recieving blanket. They are over 20 years old now and we are the third family to use them and they still look great! I think they actually get better/ softer with time.
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Want to add, when you make your own, you can always make them a little bigger. I think the store bought ones are a little too small.
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