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New salon

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Hi Jamie

I cannot get a good read on this for myself, I am too close to the situation and cannot be objective.

My hair salon is closing mid May, and I am looking for a salon. I found a salon that I like alot and there is even someone I know that works there (I used to work with him long ago and worked well with him at the time) I thought all of the people felt comfortable to be around, there is parking, and it is in a good area of town. The only issue for me is that the rent is almost double what I paid before, but the salon I worked in before allowed me to pay part time rent, plus she was WAY below market. This new salon is pretty average.

My question is, is this a salon I should pursue, or is there a better option out there for me?

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I like the energy of the new salon you speak of. I see you there for awhile but not long term. Remember I told you before (and I still see it) you having private long standing clientel that either come to your house or vice versa. I still feel you will do best this way. I can however, see you starting at the salon you are talking about for your own comfort. I do not think you will be there longer than 1 year though as you have other things you are working towards like your classes and such.

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Thank you Jamie Still wrestling about the costs, and the lease is for a year. I am leaning towards doing it, thank you
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