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What is the deal?

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Pregnant with baby #3. First DD came at 38 weeks and 2 days and second DD came at 38 weeks and 4 days. I am now 40+1 weeks. Why does this baby not want to come out? I keep telling myself to trust my body, trust my baby etc. but I am getting frustrated and worried that something is wrong. I have been having lots of menstrual type cramping and contractions here and there for about two weeks but it never goes anywhere. I thought first babies were suppose to be the late ones not the third one.

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My MW friend told me "The only thing you know about baby number 3 is, you know nothing at all!"

I know you are probably going insane, I expected my 2nd to be early and she was 5 days late, but I was emotionally traumatized from it. I know how dramatic it sounds, but seriously those were some of the worst days of my life because I set myself up for it. Have a date night without the other kids, and eat A LOT of whatever you eat (I like italian!) It sounds too simple, but I swear that helped bring my baby out. Good Luck!
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Come on, it is only a week or two or so that is different.
Have you been exactly sure about conception with each pregnancy?
There is so much that can be different with this one.
I know it is frustrating! Did that baby know how long you were preggers with his sibling?

Hugs and labor vibes!
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My mom's 3rd kid, my little brother, was 12 days late - her latest! No idea why, but his birth was quick and easy. Hang in there!
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I've got the same thing happening over here - my first was 39+5, my second was 40+5, and now for #3 I am just past 41w - I seem to be going LONGER with each pregnancy instead of the other way around!

I was really frustrated last week, especially at 40+5 when I realised I'd be going longer than last time, but after a good cry I got over it and now I'm feeling more peaceful and trusting than I ever have before giving birth.

Good luck to you, mama, I'm sure you will have a beautiful birth experience
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