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My cat (who passed away this past february) had a vaccine reaction about 7 years ago and nearly died then. After that we stopped vaxing the cats. They're indoor only and we don't really take them with us all over the place so I had stopped thinking about it there. It wasn't until I had kids that I thought any further about vaccines.

The second cat got her 1st year worth of vaccines before we stopped vaxing, but hasn't been vaccinated since.
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nope. they are very healthy cats. I hope to keep them like that. I do de-worm them, but that's another boat of potatoes.
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Originally Posted by caned & able View Post


IF wild animals have so much wilderness territory to claim then why do they come onto my relative's property to bother and eat the chickens and other animals who are outside and available? Animals do not know from property lines or property rights. And after over ten years of wilderness living, these dogs and pets have only died from old age in their sleep after 15-20 years of life, not hydrophobia OR some VPD.
I have no idea. Possibly because the animals are outside, available, and can't get away? Sounds like an easy meal.

At any rate, the rabies vaccine is far more about protecting humans than it is about protecting your dog or cat.
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No Vax for Cats

I feel that if we stopped vax'ing the humans in this house we have to also stop vax'ing the non-human companions :-) which we did!
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Both of our dogs came to us fully vaccinated as part of the adoption process. I believe we had to show proof of follow up shots as part of the adoption agreement for the first round of shots. After that, we only did rabies for our male dog when required by the vets office prior to surgery.

Our cat had initial vaccines as a kitten, and then none after that.

Now that I know better, we will selectively vaccinate all future pets (only to the extent required by adoption agreements). Rabies would be the only one I would get past any initial required shots, and only as needed to ensure treatment by a vet. Where we live does require rabies for a dog license, but we have yet to get one. We keep our dogs fairly well isolated from other dogs, and there does not seem to be a lot of vaccine preventable diseases in our area (at least to my limited knowledge).
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Yes, I vaccinate my pets. Some of the things they can catch without vaccines are deadly. I've seen firsthand the devastation wrought by parvo.
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