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Ok since Lost is ending, I hate to admit, but it's lost a lot of it's flair for me. However, I am madly in love with Fringe!!!

I have not seen this weeks episode yet, but I wanted to ask if there were any other big fans?

I'm about to re-watch every episode. There are things they're bringing back from the first season and I felt a bit lost. But what's killing me is...Charlie... So there was Charlie, he got "taken over" by that one guy, and Olive shot him in the head in the alley. And then he was back?!! Umm, huh?! Just wanted to see if anyone else caught that.
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The one where he was suddenly "back" was shown on TV out of sequence from where it was supposed to be.
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I am so into this show! But I've only seen the first season and a couple episodes into the second, so I'll have to ignore this thread until I'm caught up.
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Originally Posted by abimommy View Post
The one where he was suddenly "back" was shown on TV out of sequence from where it was supposed to be.

ah ha!! I knew there had to be a logical answer, that was WAY to big a screw up to me and dh and has been driving us crazy!!!

All the more reason to find the entire first season and watch it again!
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That one threw me too, DH figured it out right away and told me they must have filmed that one before and added it in hoping nobody would notice. He wasn't actually taken over so much as killed, then the inter-dimensional spy shape-shifted to match his form, then incinerated his body. Otherwise, it seems that Fringe is starting to have some ongoing plot now, I love it when things finally begin to make sense on there.
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Resurrecting this thread for the finale...

OMG! It was awesome! I *knew* it was Fauxlivia instead of Olivia as soon as she was trying to wake up William Bell. I wondered how they were going to write off Bell because I know the actor wanted to go back to retirement.

I finally got what I wanted when Peter and Olivia kissed! Finally! Now that Fauxlivia is there, it is going to be interesting watching those two interacting. Next season is going to be crazy! I can't wait!
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Ho.Ly. Crap!!~!!

I asked dh "Which Oliva is that?!" before she wanted the typewriter. I said "That's not the right Olive!" He was all, no way, repeated her last line to Bell "I used a grenade, bought us some extra time"

CRAP CRAP CRAP!! Poor Peter!

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I am two episodes behind! Not looking! not looking!
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Last night's episode = SO GOOD! I can't wait to see what happens next season! I'm just sad that the only shows I keep up with (House, Glee, Bones, Fringe) are all done at the same time. I wish they staggered it a little so all the excitement wasn't over at the same time
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Alright caught up now.

Wow Fauxlivia! That was crazy. I thought it was Fauxlivia, I don't know how she is going to fool Peter for very long.
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I thought Peter would KNOW right away when real Olivia walked in, when she was impersonating Fauxlivia, but it took him a minute of her attacking Charlies...

As soon as she walked into the theater I was all, OH NOOOOOOOO, that's not the real one! What an excellent job the actress is doing.

Yay for the speech and the kiss!!! I thought they would NEVER go there, thought they were making them more brother/sister. I know they'll still screw around with us for years, but LOVED.
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