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Ghost Adventures

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Anyone watch this show on TLC? I have watched some of them. While the main guy (zak?) drives me absolutly batty! I kinda like it. I am wondering about its authenticity. anyone got any opinions?
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I have no idea about authenticity, but my husband and I watch this show pretty much every week (unless it's a rerun), it's on the travel channel here. It would be great to play a drinking game to - drink everytime someone says "DUDE!" Drink everytime Aaron goes bug-eyed and open-mouthed. I actually think Zac is funny, but I can definitely see how he'd annoy...pretty much anyone.
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Shoot, I meant travel channel. Sorry, Friday brain.

Seriously. When they are "taunting" the sprits to hit them or throw something at them, I am 50% "Dude, are you STOOOOPID????" and 50% "Alright with the cheasiness already!".
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Is that the show where the first one there was a flying brick??

That show cracked me up
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