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Panicky about lung space!

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Ok, last night I was kinda freaking out...all day I had been uncomfortable and feeling like I could not breath normally. I freaked out (was upset, not a panick attack, but weepy) in bed because even there I felt no relief! I am only 30 weeks and have what maybe 12 more to go? Yikes! If it is like this now what will I be like in 2 weeks, forget even 12 weeks! Get down baby, get down!

With Tobias this was never an issue, I am carrying so high with this one! And I have to say in my memory I never remember a client complaining about this so early in pregnancy.

I did go to the Y and do my 3 miles on the elliptical and was able to breath, but I still feel like my breathing is not complete and easy and I am having to constantly try to have perfect posture to somewhat relieve it.

Anyone else feel this way?

So much for feeling like the perfect, beautiful, healthy pregnant goddess! Gurr!
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I had this the other day. I couldn't breathe at all. All day I tried to be on my hands and knees to take some pressure off my lungs or stretched out on the couch and tried to convince the baby to move down. (convince=push downward ) I was only 28 weeks at that point and was so terrified that the rest of the pregnancy was going to be like that.

The next day I woke up and s/he was low again. I could breathe and all was better.
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I had this really bad with my son. He was feet first and was pushing down with his feet which pushed his head directly up into my lungs. My friend had the same problem with her daughter who was also in that position. I did not have it last time at all with twins, or with this one so far and I'm pretty sure she is head down and has been for atleast the last four weeks. Just a thought, could your baby be in the feet down head up position?
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Oooh! I hope not. I keep thinking I am feeling hiccups down low because it is so rythmic, but perhaps it is little dancing feet? I will find out sooner or later...
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I have the same exact thing - literally have to take a break when I get to the top of the stairs just to breath. Lying down does not help at all - sometimes makes it worse. It's been going on for a while though. Oh, and I know that the baby is breach and has been for my last 2 midwife appointments. It helps to remind myself that this is a temporary physical state that will dissipate and NOT anxiety.
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I have this with my girls. I think it's because they were so long! I usually will try to lay on the couch sitting up, then throw my hands up above my head to try to stretch my torso out as much as possible. Some times it gives me a break, others it doesnt do diddly. With my first it freaked me out. I thought for sure it was panic attacks till my OB confirmed she was literally in my ribs! With my 2nd, i just focused on trying to breath through and then when she dropped at 36 weeks i was sooooo thankful.

This time, im just ehh about it. no pregnancy goddess feelings here lol.
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I have that feeling too, and it's really frustrating at night. I feel like no matter what I do I just can't get a deep breath (I'm 32 weeks). I started sleeping on the side of the bed on my left side with a fan blowing on me, for some reason that helps me get a breath every once in a while. I don't remember it being this bad with my other pregnancies, but I probably am just blocking it out.
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OK so that night after you all posted about your breech babies encroaching on our lung space I felt around a bit more than usual and thought I felt the head up there, yesterday my friend confirmed...head and foot up! Come on baby give us a break and turn around!! LOL! Anyway, it's way too early to worry about it...but please just give a mama some more space.
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