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Breech baby at 36 weeks- worried

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I went for my 36 week midwife appointment and was told after being checked by 2 different midwives that our baby boy on the way appeared to be in the breech position. It was the first I had thought about this possibility because before that he seemed to be head down at each appointment. It threw me for a loop and they sent me to do a quick ultrasound just to confirm that he is indeed in the breech position. I then had a more through ultrasound yesterday morning and was told he was in the "complete breech" position and that my amniotic fluid levels were somewhat on the low side.

I've read/heard some negative things about breech babies such as possibility of neurological issues, and mostly the fact that I will likely have to have a c-section if he does not turn soon. Sometimes it doesn't help to read things online! I really did not want to have a c-section, although I will not be devastated if that is what it comes to. I am more just worried about having a healthy baby and myself being healthy in the end.

I tend to worry a lot anyway because I have had a couple of pregnancy losses, one at 19 weeks. I do however have a wonderful healthy DD born naturally full-term. I feel so blessed, but at the same time I haven't even been able to sleep for days worrying about the baby, birth, etc.

My husband and I are trying acupuncture, exercises that are supposed to encourage the baby to turn, etc. but I have pretty much ruled out aversion (where Doctors physically try to turn the baby and is successful about 50-60% of the time- although does pose some risks to mom and baby).

I feel so confused and worried at this point but I'm trying to focus on the positive. I would love to hear any successful breech birth stories (c-section or not) or any advice anyone has on this subject. Thanks so much for listening!
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I don't know if this helps, but my DS was in a side lie position (as if in a hammock) until nearly a week before I went into labor. One morning I recall feeling this weird massive movement as he flipped.
I know this is not the same as breech, but he did wait until the last minute to get ready.
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Yea, my daughter was breech until 38 weeks. I was actually on my way to a scheduled c-section with my husband, suitcase, etc. The dr. wanted to do a last quick ultrasound to confirm position and.... sent us home! She turned.
We did have an ultrasound-guided external version done the previous week. It didn't seem to help immediately, but who knows? It wasn't very uncomfortable, but I did have a bruised feeling for a couple days after.
Good luck!
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Have you thought about chiropractic care? If you can find a chiropractor who can do the Webster technique, they may be able to turn the baby by opening up your pelvis. I have not gone to a chiro myself (am considering it), but have heard a lot of stories about this working.
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check out spinningbabies.com
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I'm 36 weeks and my baby was breech for 3+ weeks. Not even flipping around, solidly breech.
I tried all the gentle methods, laying practically on my head several times a day, flashlight, music, cold and hot packs etc. and it definitely wasn't interested in turning. Finally I booked an ECV for 36weeks, took pulsatilla, had a chiro treatment (webster) and used moxa sticks. Nothing worked still.

Then I had a long deep chat with baby and explained how much more complicated his/her start to life on the outside would be if it didn't turn sooner than later and what do you know - a couple hours later it flipped!

I started a thread in Birth & Beyond asking for positive stories, it helped calm my worries about the baby not turning.
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Then I had a long deep chat with baby and explained how much more complicated his/her start to life on the outside would be if it didn't turn sooner than later and what do you know - a couple hours later it flipped!
So true, babies do listen.

I know it's hard, but try not to worry about it too much. You still have time for the baby to turn.

You might be interested to know that Canada is now recommending vaginal birth for breech babies as long as there are no other complications. They are teaching their OBs that if done right, a vaginal birth for a breech baby is at no higher risk than a c-section birth. Here are a couple of websites:

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I just came on MDC to look for information as I'm in the exact same shoes. Our baby liked being in a side lying position in second trimester but moved to head down weeks ago (I'm 36 weeks now too). on Tuesday night, I felt the baby moving a lot - kicks, big movements that took my breath away. I thought it was just trying to turn sideways a bit. It must have turned breech that night. We discovered its new position yesterday. I'm pretty upset too - it is so important to me to have a natural birth and this really has taken the wind out of my sail. I figure though that if the baby could turn this late in the game, it can turn back. I feel our baby has lots of space to turn. I've also been trying the positions they recommend on spinning babies but I don't know... I am going to call a chiropractor tomorrow and get to see her as soon as I can. in my case, I feel that it may be something structural as the baby has had its back against mine a lot in recent weeks (rather than facing my back). I wonder if the baby is looking for the best way to position itself and opening things up would hopefully help the baby find the optimal position of head down.
Tizzy - I love your story - so inspiring! think it's time for a little chat, and maybe for me to consider the fact that my life has been pretty busy lately...could baby be trying to tell me something?

Norasmommy - I hope your baby rediscovers that being head down is the best strategy. You are not alone in going through this. do let us know how you make out.
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I had a version w/DD at 36 wks, and I would take that and a VB over a C/S any day! It took two tries but it worked. This after acupuncture, moxibustion, turning upside-down, music, etc. I think it helped the version work. She was a footling breach, too, so if she didn't turn there was no way I wanted to try a breech birth b/c of the risks. I was so upset, but it worked out for us.

Since then I have heard of the great numbers of babes who turn by themselves before labor. GL with whatever you decide to do!
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