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Inguinal or femoral hernia? What to do?

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4 year old DD went to the ER a few weeks ago for something unrelated, and a CAT scan showed a hernia. Our pediatrician referred us to a general pediatric surgeon. He looked at the CAT scan and examined DD and said he couldn't figure out if it was an inguinal or femoral hernia or exactly where it was located. Either way we'd have to do surgery. He wants to put a little camera inside her, figure out where it is and what kind, and then do surgery right there and then.

We had no clue DD had a hernia. We have never seen a bulge, she's never had a problem. I'm scared to death of putting her under.

Has anyone else dealt with this? What are my other options? I was thinking of getting a second opinion. I'm not sure if we should see a pediatric urologist or a pediatric gastroenterologist. Any suggestions?
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Unfortunately there is no cure for a hernia but surgery that I know of. I had a femoral hernia that showed up in my 20s. If the peice of bowel that is poking through the muscle ( that is what a hernia is) becomes trapped - then a minor procedure turns into an emergency surgery! Not saying this to scare you but the surgery to fix the hernia is really minor and takes about 30 minutes. If the bowel gets trapped part of the bowel will "die " and has to be removed in addition to repairing the hole.
Defintely get a second opinion but if the result is the same I would have it fixed! Hugs to you Mama - it is always hard to have your baby be sick or hurt.
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My son had a inguinal hernia at 2 years. I was totally nervous about it like you but it ended up being no big deal. At all. If it will make you feel better, get a second opinion however, I personally think it's waste of time and energy. I would go ahead and schedule the procedure...make sure it's early in the morning because your daughter won't be able to have fluids for several hours before hand.

My son had his hernia extrude and it took two doctors and two hospitals to fix it. Take something from my experience, and save yourself the worry...schedule to surgery.
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My DS (now 7) had an inguinal hernia as a newborn and had it repaired at 3 mos. Yes, general anestesia was scary, but it was necessary so he wouldn't develop complications. Left untreated, the intestines can get stuck, twisted, die, get infected, bowels blocked, and so on.

We went to a children's hospital where we were comfortable with the pediatric surgeon and other HCP's assisting. He did fine, and didn't need to stay overnight (we checked in early AM, and he was released by early evening). He didn't need more than Tylenol for the next day or two, and recovery went smoothly.
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