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Originally Posted by lalemma View Post
I switched from a PUL hanging wet bag to a wool hanging wet bag a month ago, and I have been super happy. I wash every 2-3 days, which I'm sure also helps keeps the smell down, but I think maybe the breathability of the wool helps, too? Because the PUL bag would certainly get whiffy on occasion.
How large is your wool bag? How does it hang? Do you have a pattern to share? Or purchase location?
I have a small travel wool wet bag but would love to knit something up over time with yarn scrap. YUM!

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It was embarrassingly cheap and easy:

I bought a giant wool sweater at the thrift store (I specifically looked for something really thick, labeled handwash or dry-clean only, so it would felt) that had a crew/round neckline.

Then I cut off the sleeves, in line with the body of the sweater. I flipped it inside out and stitched the sleeves shut and the bottom shut. So now I had a bag with an opening at the top. I threaded a ribbon through the stitches around the neck to form a drawstring.

Threw the whole thing in the machine, felted it until it looked thick enough, rinsed it and air-dried it. (I plan to lanolinize it, but haven't gotten to it yet - it still works fine.)

I hang it on a doorknob by the ribbon, and the diapers go in the bag through the neck opening. On laundry day, I just loosen the drawstring and dump the diapers into the machine. But the one change I think I'm going to make is to put a zipper in the bottom seam, so on wash day I can just unzip it and they'll all tumble out at once, no shaking.

Size-wise, I think it's about 30 inches high by 18 inches wide. It's big enough to hold three days of diapers of my 5 month old.
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How did you felt it?
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Just in the machine, on hot, with a bit of soap - I put it in a pillowcase first (sometimes felting will throw off crazy amounts of fuzz). But it was really simple.
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Our pail is topless too, we wash avery 2/3 days. By the third days it does start to get a little stinky. If I can't wash them right at that moment, I take a prefold and put a couple of drops of TTO on it and lay it on top. Works great!
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