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so torn...

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So, Jamie, we are still waiting for our newborn adoptive placement. We have been shown a few times and the birthmom picked another family each time. We were chosen by a birthmom last week and then she had the baby the next day and decided to parent. I am so anxious over this, feeling that we will never be chosen! Which I know in my head is not true, but it is hard. Today I saw the one year old sibling of my foster children. She is in a different foster home. She is just precious! If the parents' rights are terminated I am thinking we will adopt her (and you saw this as well). I just have no idea how long this process will drag out, or if we should take her in now even before rights are terminated. But my question is this...do you see us taking in this sibling first, or do you see us getting our newborn placement first?
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I'm really surprised that a placement hasn't happened yet. I want to remind you to remember to find your happy place. No, really. If you are in angst about this all the time you are sending that message to the Universe. One of fear, that this will never happen for you. The energy pattern will be returned to you. That is the law of attraction. Try it out. Try to get it out of your mind that it will not happen. Instead envision your family just as you want it pictured. How many children? Brothers, sisters? What will it be like when they are really your own, not just foster? When they are legally adopted and you can fully give them your heart as a Mother, not just as someone that might have to say goodbye again. Kwim? Envision these children as a part of your life for good. Seeing them off to college one day, weddings, grandbabies etc. Make affirmations such as
"I accept the children in my life for which I can make the biggest difference in their lives" "I am complete with whatever children God blesses me with"
Let go of the anxiety and fear...even though this is taking awhile.

Okay, enough pep talk

I see foster children being adopted first and then placement of baby. I know we have talked about this before, but I want to let you know that I'm once again seeing a child of a different race than you. Open your door to that possibility, I encourage you. I do not believe this is the newborn placement. It looks like a toddler boy to me. I see your house as eventually very full. Sort of Brad/Angelina style. LOL Okay, not quite so many. But while you may not have one you call your own yet, you will have many eventually. I say go for the foster sibling first. Good luck with everything. I'll keep you in my thoughts!

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