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fingertip dilated????

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I completely agree with the "anyone else feel like baby is ready to fall out' thread. Not only have I been carrying extremely low, the discomfort just gets worse by the day!
A few days ago it got to the point where I could hardly walk around in my own house. My stomach felt so tight, crampy, & uncomfortable with lots of pressure. I called my Dr. thinking they were going to say just rest, your overdoing it, etc.... but was told to go to the birthing unit at the hospital to check for preterm labor. They did a FFN test, which came out negative (so no preterm labor). But I was told that I am dilated a fingertip & the baby's head was right there. She said that the dilation may be normal for me since I already have 4 kids (although my youngest is turning 11). I was so nervous that I don't remember if she said anything else, & of course didn't think of my 101 questions until after I got home. & I keep second guessing myself & swear she used the word soft when checking my cervix, but I'm not positive.... So they put me on a monitor & baby sounded fine & I was sent home with instructions to lay on my left side as much as possible, drink plenty of fluids (which I already do), follow up with the doc next week, & come back if I have any worse symptoms.
Well, today I had to take my daughter to the store for a few things for a school project. Nobody else was around & after lying around for 2 days my legs were itching to move (plus I thought I was feeling better - after all they didn't put me on "bed rest"). So I went, we walked around a small area, got what we needed & left. Now I am paying for it. I've got all the pressure back again! I could hardly walk by the time I got home. I am laying down and praying it goes away and I don't have to go back to the hospital. I cannot wait to see the Dr. next week to find out more, like how thick was my cervix? Exactly where is the baby that the head is right there?
Has anyone else ever heard / been told they were dilated like this? & from having previous pregnancies?

wanted to add I am now 29 weeks
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Hey mama,

I just want to say I am right there with you. This happened with my first pregnancy and is happening again. I checked myself yesterday and my cervix is soft, dilated about 1cm and shortened. I've been having bh very regularly, anywhere between 2-10 minutes apart.

I think it is a good thing that you got checked out and got the ffn test done and it was negative. I had this done with my first pregnancy, twice, and both times it came back negative. At the time I was 2cm and 80% effaced at 30 weeks with ctx every 2-3 minutes. This continued until I delivered at 37+ weeks.

The way things are going, I'm expecting a similar experience this time around.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this. It can be very stressful since it is relentless. That said, it is comforting to hear that there is someone to commiserate with...
I really can't find much information about this online, or in my textbooks.

It's a frustrating situation because the threat of preterm labour is constant. I was on bedrest last time around, and to be honest, from the research literature I've read and from my experience, bedrest does not seem to actually promise very much.

As for baby being "right there", that can mean something different to each practitioner. But this chart might help you visualize. For example, with my first pregnancy, my baby was at -2. Ask you hcp if they do another internal exam and then you can look at the chart and see. http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/c...h_COG12052.jpg

Hope all is well and that baby sits tight for another 7+ weeks!! That's exactly what I am hoping and praying for! And I'm also at 29 weeks.
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A soft cervix and fingertip dilated is normal for 29 weeks in a woman who has given birth before. My cervix is soft and a fingertip as well. I am almost always a fingertip or so - even non pregnant. The cervix starts out firm like your nose and changes to soft like your earlobe in the middle of the 2nd trimester.
Even knowing this, I still freaked a bit over the last few weeks because my contractions are heavy and the baby is hanging out low. I have been feeling Braxton hicks that make me stop what I'm doing and go on for hours for a couple of months now (I'm 26 weeks). My midwife keeps assuring me that as long as they are not regular and my cervix is not doing anything crazy then we are fine - just stay hydrated and rest when the contrx are bothering me. I am sure I will continue to worry until I hit 37 weeks.
My last baby was born at 39 weeks but I had very few contractions in the pregnancy. My first daughter was born at 41+ and I had regular contrx every night for several hours from 30 weeks on. Both labors were quite quick. No idea what this one holds for me, just hoping for 37+ weeks.
Hang in there mamas! I hope your babies stay put as long as they need to. It helps to know there are others with irritable uteruses
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Thanks for sharing! It certainly does help to know that you're not the only one. I wish I had posted 2 days ago, instead of sitting here worrying and trying to search online.
I keep telling this LO to stay put just 8 more weeks & then he can make his grand entry anytime he pleases!
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DDC crashing... but I am so glad to find this thread. I am 24 weeks and due early August. I had a series of b/h ctx. today that really hurt and made me stop. I was not pleased but happy to read I am not alone. I should add this is my 6th pregnancy...cervix is really soft and slightly dilated, but I know that is normal for moms of many. I also know these ctx. are helping to tone my uterus. I should probably start the red raspberry leaf to help it along.
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I always say I have had so many kids I am shocked they don't just march out of me lol

I am right there with you, everyone is concerned except me.

I know my limits lately, If I have a rough full day I contract every 6 minutes for hours, lay on my side, drink plenty, get a dose of sugar in me, and I am fine.

Everyone else freaks out though lol
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Yes, totally normal!! Everything just happens earlier the more times we do this! It would be nice if the baby would rise up a bit! Child's pose would be good for that, butt in air, find a comfy position with pillows and rest there. Take it easy!
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I was so worried about being a bit dilated w/ a soft cervix during my first pregnancy. I thought I had an "incompetent cervix" (probably the worst name of a medical condition I've heard of), but I had the MW check it out even though she said it was fine, and my DD went 9 days past her due date.

I just checked myself the other day and it seems to be the same.. very soft cervix and a bit of an opening. I plan on going way past the due date again, as I usually do. I'm not worried. When I get the practice contractions, I just remember that they are toning me up for the big event that's coming in July!

About the pain you're experiencing while walking around... Do Kegels! And/or join a prenatal yoga class. It really helps. Even walking around is good. Just be aware of your pelvic floor muscles and tighten/relax them regularly.
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So interesting to hear the experiences here. It's good to know you are feeling comforted by being "not alone" blueeyes!

I too have periods of time when my BH and lower uterine cramps feel like early labour (except I know it's not, because for me true labour is always felt in muscles in my lower back). Interesting and comforting to hear that I'm not alone either. My last birth I had what felt like labour for about a week or two in the evenings before dd2 was born. When labour finally kicked in, it was OBVIOUS and lasted 3 hours.
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I'm about to hit 25 weeks and I've been 1cm dilated the entire pregnancy. THe inner os is closed but the outer os is way open-- one finger has plenty of room to move around in there. My cervix is normal length though which is more important than dilation. I was 5cm for weeks before my second was born and this is my third so I am imagining myself walking around at 8cm beforehand.
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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
I was 5cm for weeks before my second was born and this is my third so I am imagining myself walking around at 8cm beforehand.
In which case you'll have a 30 min labour. Awesome!
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This thread made me want to check my cervix. At 26 weeks I'm about 2-3 cm dilated and about 50% effaced. My cervix is posterior and very soft- I'm hesitant to say mushy because that just doesn't seem right!

During my last labor I had a very bad attitude after a couple of hours because I'd been walking around 5 cm for a while before contractions really started and EVERYONE had been telling me what a short labor I'd have. My previous labor had been less than 2 hours so I believed them! 40 hours later baby was born. There are SO many factors that go into length of labor. Speaking from experience, have as little expectations as possible!! (I know I keep saying this, but I just wish someone would have given me that perspective!)
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Yeah, I was 5cm before labor last time and my labor was 8 hours long-- compared to 6.5 hours with my first when I was only dilated 3cm to start. I was pissed!
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I walked around about 4cm for the last 4 weeks last time...dd was 2days late and I labored 17 hours...like my doc kept telling me, the baby is NOT just going to fall out, I guess I can still dream right?
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Mataji4 and MJB - this perspective is sooo important to keep in mind!
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I always mentally prepare for a long labor way past my EDD. It actually led me to be a little disoriented by my last one. My first labor I was 4 cm with a low baby for 6 weeks before she came. With my younger DD I was long, thick and closed and she was way up high the day before I had her 1 week before her EDD. I was complete in 1 hour and pushed for 3 with her. It took me a few weeks to accept that she was here already because I was so prepared to birth at 42 weeks.
It is so hard to not have expectations for labor. I try to just imagine a joyous experience but know that it will be different from what I expect.
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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
In which case you'll have a 30 min labour. Awesome!

I just have to say, a 30 min labor sounds way cool, but it's really not. I had a 45 min labor with #3 and it was pretty scary. Everything happened so fast and was so intense. I think anything under an hour is probably too fast. My labors avg. 2 hrs, and that is perfect, IMHO.

As to the OP, it sounds like things are pretty normal, but you need to take it easy!
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Originally Posted by queenofchaos View Post
I just have to say, a 30 min labor sounds way cool, but it's really not. I had a 45 min labor with #3 and it was pretty scary. Everything happened so fast and was so intense. I think anything under an hour is probably too fast. My labors avg. 2 hrs, and that is perfect, IMHO.

As to the OP, it sounds like things are pretty normal, but you need to take it easy!
Oh yeah, ITA, I was just goofing around. My last labour was only 3 hours long, and that was with me breathing through the urge to push for 1 hour because we were enroute with mishaps. It was scary and intense.

But still, so much better than my first home-birth hospital transport with OB intervention and a third degree tear from an episiotomy that I didn't ask for (17 hour labour, really also not that bad). I didn't feel the high after the first one, sure did with the second.
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My cervix is always a fingertip dilated. I think it's more than that now at 24 weeks. It's also really super soft and mushy feeling. No resemblance of the nose feeling it use to have when I was checking it during regular cycles. It's all just kind of running together in there now and it's getting harder to find right away. I know that's a little TMI, but I'm pretty sure that's normal starting in the 2nd tri.
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