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Originally Posted by Tulpen88 View Post
Dropping in.... my temps are WAY down this morning, so I imagine AF will be here today or tomorrow. Looks like we'll be moving on to cycle 4.
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Originally Posted by mumma cop kaz View Post
Thats what i usually do from 10dpo, and i get really excited when i get a good %. Its funny though that my chart when i was pregnant with DS only gave me 26%!!!
That's good to know! Hey, 26% is still a chance, right? So that makes sense.

Saw that you're Oing today, so good luck and have fun tonight (and tomorrow, and the day after, if you take Stevi's advice!)

Tulpen, sorry for the temp drop hang in there, hun.

AFM, 10 DPO (I moved my presumed O date to the day after I had EWCM and a high cervix, since I realized that's more likely the day I O'd) and since yesterday I've had a medium to high firm, closed cervix. I added that in and the pregnancy estimator gave me a better percentage although the cramping I've been feeling (more of a dull ache most of the time, and sometimes hardly there at all) probably comes through as more of a "AF is coming" sign than anything else for the pregnancy signs estimator. I'm working a long shift at work today, so we'll see how I feel, haha.
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Tulpen - on the low temp.

MoonFireGlow - on She is a horrid woman, isn't she? So sorry.

Mumma CP - Have fun tonight!

HulaJenn - My DH is off the TTC train too, he just wants to wait. Our 2 kids are very demanding. Our 3 year old throws tantrums every 45 seconds and our 1 year old is clingy, needy and basically I can't be out of his sight without a meltdown. So, they're pretty normal if you ask me. He doens't seem to "get" the fact that if I got pregnent now, they would be 9-10 months older and in a different stage. I think a 4 year old is alot different than a 3 year old. Obviously he wouldn't be opposed to have one now, I was pregnant over the winter and all, he's just not into super trying and obeying my requests with the OPK reads +, you know? It's frustrating. I'm 38 and we talked last night about how risks go up for chromosomal issues (which he should know first hand since that's why we lost our 12 weeker in Feb) and he just says "you're not that old..."

Anyways, AFM I'm on CD14 and have been getting EWCM but super neg OPKs.
I'm just waiting, I'm not really trying that hard this month - ie I'm not obsessing. It's been nice actually.

Good luck to all -
Hula, when are you testing? for you!
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fm, good to hear from you, always. your absence is felt, but we all know, we have to do what we have to do to stay cool. it can all get too much.

want to know what i tried this month? i heard on 2 different tv shows recently (discovery channel type thangs) and on news radio too that while we were always told humans dont have a true 'estrous' like animals do, there are all kinds of new studies that are saying, yeah, we do. and one part of it is our scent. men smell ovulation, and they likey. so i have cut back on anything scented- lotions, soaps or whatever, and maybe it's a coincidence, but my dh has been all over me. he's been dragging me to bed every night the past several nights, like since the fertile cm started, very insistant since the +opk. he knows nothing about my cycles, not even when af comes (since it's short enough to go unnoticed.) just passing that on, cuz maybe there's something to it.
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WATCH THE DR.'S ON ABC. Its about infertility!
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Originally Posted by karmab View Post
brun- i will add you, but sounds like you might only be here for like 2 days!
Thanks! Everything sounds promising, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up in case I end up disappointed. I will most likely test on Wed. morning.
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Karma - Thanks. I miss you guys too. I stalked your chart and it looks like you are in the 2WW, you should move yourself.

That's interesting about the scent of a ovulating woman.
I've always sort of maybe thought that too, are they phermones?
I actually haven't worn perfume in a while, since I've been nursing....my DH hates perfume or anything scented.
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yeah, fm, i think i will start the progesterone tonight, but ix-nay on the 2 week ate-way. this is another new strategy, im in-cog-neeet-o, see. shhhh...
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Just dropping in

please move me to the tww I got cross hairs, 3 dpo ! Wooo
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MoonFire sorry AF found you

CLH so excited to see you have crosshairs

Originally Posted by hollytheteacher View Post
Someone asked why I have an open circle on my temp on ff on my chart...

I don't know!? What does that mean? lol.

This is my first chart and I don't have any idea why the circle would not be filled in...

Can someone look and explain it to me?
Hey Holly, that was me, sorry, I thought you knew the open circle meant your temp time was early or late. I was curious because if you had taken your temp earlier than usual, then I would trust the temp more. Temp tends to go up if you sleep in later than usual (but an hour and a half shouldn't make a huge difference and it depends on the person!).

Knowing it was only an hour and a half past your normal time... I would say the temp is good (if you had slept in for 4 hours I would be more doubtful!)

If you look at my chart you can see that my 1 dpo temp is also open because I took it later (an hour or so) and I also drank alcohol and slept very poorly the night before - if I didn't have a +OPK to back up my O day, then I wouldn't have trusted that temp! Does that make sense?

Anyway, your temp is still up so it looks like you O'd (and a high temp tommorow will give you crosshairs) and your timing is good! Good luck

Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post
I really love having a paid account at FF... I just spent a good ten minutes playing with the pregnancy signs estimator. It gave me a 54% chance! ha! That's the best I've ever gotten. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'll wake up to AF tomorrow morning but it still makes me feel good tonight
I let my FF paid account lapse this month because I felt like it was feeding my obsession but I do miss the pregnancy sign estimator and having my DPO marked on my chart. Still hoping this is your month!

Originally Posted by mumma cop kaz View Post
Oh and i just did another digital opk just to see the happy face!! And yep i got one! Im cramping like crazy too, so its ON tonight!! I then spent 20 minute trying to take a picture and download it just so you guys can see the happy face! But im obviously technically challenged cos i couldnt work it out!!
I'm so tempted to get some of those digital OPKs (I'm too cheap!) I've been using cheapies and even when I used the more expensive brands I never got a glaring positive - I'm always "pretty sure" that my OPK is positive but I would love to see a smiley face to reassure me! Good luck catching that egg!

Karma Thanks for sharing Hesperia's quote. I for one definitely need the reminder that it is ok to be hopeful! I feel like I spend my TWW convincing myself that I'm not pregnant so I won't feel as badly when I'm not (it doesn't work, so why do I keep doing it?) I have one more week left in my TWW and I'm going to let myself have some hope this time

Stevi didn't you tell someone last month not to spend their TWW feeling doubtful because that isn't how you want to remember the beginning of your pregnancy. Much better to spend the first two weeks hoping and welcoming your little one. Am I crazy or did you write something like that (I think it might have been to Brichole) Anyway, I love that sentiment. I'd rather spend the next week welcoming a baby that isn't there than doubting one that is!

Tear I hope the ring is a sign. What a great story that would make (especially if you have triplets!)

AFM how crazy is my chart I checked my thermometer to make sure it is capable of temps other than 98.2 or 98.4 (it is) What is my chart trying to tell me Still determined not to test until Sunday!
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Originally Posted by MoOnFiReGlOw View Post
Yeah, so AF started last night and it was baaad...way worse than it has been in a very long time. I'm guessing that I either had a really early loss or my LP randomly lengthened by 4 days. I'm just a bit down b/c I feel cheated that I was 4 days over my normal LP and nothing to show for it. Hopefully my LP stays longer though!

Sorry about AF.

I wonder how common it is for LPs to vary, and by how much. From when I read TCOYF, I think I remember it saying your LP should be the same length or almost the same every cycle. People who have been charting a long time, is this really true?

This is only the second time I have O'd since I started charting even though I've been at it over 6 months, so I don't have enough data on myself to know if it means anything that I am now 14DPO and no sign of AF yet, and two more high temperatures than last time. If it weren't for the BFN I got yesterday I would think I was pregnant, but I guess its probably just a longer LP?
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Soooo, I've begun my 2WW and I'm already going nuts with impatience!
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
Cool! I know so few January birthbabies! I'm only 4dpo, lol. I think I'm gonna be an early tester this month: I'm anxious to know, too.
3DPO here I'm a January baby! Aquarians rock! I would love to have an Aquarian babe!

Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post
I'm another January baby! If I get pg this cycle, I'll have a baby due around my birthday I don't mind sharing!

MI_Dawn: Just wanted to say I know this time of year must be especially hard for you since losing William, and I wanted you to know you were on my mind
Another fellow Aquarian!? (or are you a late Jan babe?)

Thanks for thinking of me, Miriam. It's been a tough month, but we made his birthday on the 1st very special with a balloon release and DH and I got tattoos (I got William's handprint over my heart). It will be a lovely memory forever... although I so wish I had my little man and not just memories...
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Kyamo - before I had babies my LP never changed. Now that i'm nursing still it does vary but being 21 post partum it seems to be settling down. I know that the overall cycle length can vary, due to stressors in the follicle stage but the LP should be somewhat stable. Although it helps to correctly know when you ovulated, even charting and using OPKs, you can never be 1000% sure.

Karma - yea I'd be starting the Pro. Your chart looks good.

AFM - I got a pretty dark OPK today, which surprised me since yesterdays was very negative. It's not + but on the way. I've had almost a week or EWCM so it's about fricking time. I'm trying not to stress and obsess, but can I just say how badly I want to be pregnant again? A friend of mine is in labor right now and I'm so excited for her, it just makes me want to go through that whole experience again asap....
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Originally Posted by MI_Dawn View Post
It's been a tough month, but we made his birthday on the 1st very special with a balloon release and DH and I got tattoos (I got William's handprint over my heart). It will be a lovely memory forever... although I so wish I had my little man and not just memories...

for you. I'm sorry this has been a hard month, I think the handprint is very sweet.
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
Cool! I know so few January birthbabies! I'm only 4dpo, lol. I think I'm gonna be an early tester this month: I'm anxious to know, too.

How are you feeling? We're slowly approaching go time for you! I know waiting must be really annoying. Are you doing fun stuff with your wait time?
You're so sweet to ask, Tear, so thank you! Yep, go time is approaching. I was supposed to wait six months and this is month four. It's getting harder and harder! I should O in about a week and a half and it's driving me crazy. But I like my doctor and don't want to annoy her by disobeying orders. I think I can last two more months. Really one more after this, as we WILL TTC in June! I'm getting excited--can't wait to be an active part of this thread again and get my butt off "waiting to be ready."

Go go January babies! I can't wait for you to test.
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I just spent about 30 minutes over in Dec DDC reading the Roll Call post..ya think I'm obsessed much??? LOL!
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I'm really frustrated by not knowing when i o'ed. I'm between 6 and 8 dpo. I get fertile cm from o all the way to AF, although there is less of it. If I'm 7 or 8dpo, my chances are still pretty good. If i'm 6dpo, not so good. I was away from my partner from monday to wednesday, so no bd on those days.

I caved and took a $tree test this morning and there is the faintest line, but it's likey an evap line because it showed up after about five minutes. I have a ton of them, and there is a $tree down the street from my house, so i'm going to test again in teh morning. I fooled myself into thinking that i'd wait until wednesday, but my partner goes back out of town again tomorrow night for work so i was really hoping that i'd get a BFP before then. I haven't had even the slightest symptom--no sore bbs, no cramping around implantation time, no spotting, nada. It was like that with my second, i think, so i'm hopeful but not super optimistic. I just don't feel like i am, you know?

One fo my best freinds just had a mc. I hadn't told anyone that i'm ttc, but I told her when she started spotting. i didn't want it to take her by surprise if i got pg soon. I hope that was the right thing to do. Her first response was to grab me and hug me, though, i think it's ok.
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Fm - nice to see u posting!

I just want it to be like a weeks time now so I can find out if I get a + or af!! Hurry up!
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11 dpo here for me- my temp is bouncing around lower the past day and today...I don't know if I think I am still in the game or not- I was hoping it would continue the upward trend of my previous preggo charts. BFN this am on IC test...will test again tomorrow and update. Oh well.
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